Our Top #FoodPorn Instagram Posts of 2015

Our Top #FoodPorn Instagram Posts of 2015

Continue count down to the upcoming Top NOMs of 2015! We are a big fan of Instagram, where we post pictures from our food porn reviews and travels around the world. We’ve even made some awesome new friends there as well as find new restaurants to try. It’s a great tool that so many of us use. Below are some of our most popular Instagram pictures. Make sure to follow our @nomnomboris account for more!

Roasted Pork Loin Sandwich @ Nepenthe in Big Sur California

Regardless of the food, this is a magical place you must top by located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. I was so hungry after a long trip, and a roasted pork sandwich sounded like the meaty goodness we needed. Flavor-wise it was a pretty good sandwich, at times a bit dry with so many layers of pork… read full review

Super Dragon Roll @ Sushi Plus+ in California

Like a dragon this sushi roll packs a punch with some great topping combinations like Snow Crab, Deep Fried Shrimp covered with Unagi sauce, Avocado, Kani and special sauce. Love how much snow crab in there, pretty much majority of the roll… read full review

Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence Cake @ Barcelona in Reston Virginia

Oh, a true indulgence in every single bite, thick and gooey chocolate-hazelnut goodness that makes all the taste buds jump with excitement. Funny thing, we are allergic to raw Hazelnut, but after the waiter described this cake to us, we just had to risk it. Luckily, we are just allergic to raw hazelnut. Such a rich chocolate dessert that you just have to enjoy it slowly to truly appreciate it… read full review

Vegetarian Lasagna @ Bottega in Napa Valley California

It’s so beautiful. You might want to hit on it rather than eat it. I love that mix of soft and crispy texture with crisp potato, zucchini, and tomato tartar. Layer upon layer of nomnom goodness. So much flavor in every single bite. As you eat, you will forget that there is no meat because it’s perfect in every bite. Really liked that it was really all about the ingredients and not drenched with too much red sauce… read full review

Spiced Beef Empanadas @ Barcelona Wine Bar in Reston Virginia

Two large beefy Empanadas, and you know how much we love beefy things in our mouths. So moist and flavorful that every bite was simply pure heaven. Seasoned to perfection that every bite had a nice spicy kick to it. Unlike many other places that end up overcooking and making them dry, this was very rich and soft filling… read full review

Wet Chicken Burrito @ El Metate Taqueria in Redwood City California

This thing is so massive that not sure even hungry nomsters like us can finish that. It comes packed with the tone of tasty chicken, beans, rice, and cheese. Sauce on the inside and outside made the whole thing soft and countered all that rice. What makes this place so great is that you can make anything and everything wet. All that sauce and cheese all over makes us wet. We wet it in our mouth and can’t wait to bite into it. read full review

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream @ Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco California

Very soft and light flavor in every spoon that’s perfect on a hot or even cool San Francisco day. The best way to enjoy this is by ordering a cup and then a waffle cone on top to use a spoon. Such a perfect and light dessert that won’t make you feel like you just ate too much… read full review

Bread Pudding French Toast @ 8507 Kitchen Bar in Silver Spring Maryland

Talk about the top-notch presentation. This dish is like a work of art and one of the most beautiful dishes. No surprise, coming from one of the best restaurants in the area. At first, we thought it might be a bit too small of order, especially for such hungry nomsters like us. These French Toast will prove you wrong, very dense and thick bread pudding that will fill you up… read full review

Teriyaki Kirt Steak @ Town Restaurant in San Carlos California

The dish with the most fusion take brings together the best Asian and American culinary worlds fused to create an excellent steak. Any steak lover would be a fan of this dish and how it was prepared. As soon as they bring it out I was surprised how big and how much food there was on a plate… read full review

Uova in Camicia Eggs Benedict @ Lupo Verde on U St DC

One dish that includes everything we love about brunch and eggs Benedict. Two large eggs poached and seasoned to perfection. I just loved cutting into them and having yolk flow all over and add a great flavor to the two thick grilled pieces of bread. Ah the crunch bread was a great addition that so much better than old English muffin you usually find in eggs benedict… read full review

BONUS! Capital Gay Pride

OMG, no surprise this picture from Capital Gay Pride is popular, I sure want to get to know him closer. It would probably be for something other than food porn πŸ˜‰

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