Our Milkshake Makes All The Planes Lands @ Triple Craft in Alexandria


The sun is out, and it’s getting hot in here, so come to Triple Craft for some great nomnoms, including wings, onion rings, milkshakes, burgers, and more. You can eat all of that while watching planes land at Reagan National Airport, right outside of Washington D.C. Not every restaurant has a view like this – here, you can see the Potomac River and watch planes landing and lifting off. The location itself makes for a very unique and fun nomnom experience that will likely involve holding a burger in one hand and a drink in another. As part of the VIP Media Event organized by Guest Services, we were invited to sample some of Triple Craft’s dishes while enjoying the atmosphere. This is not a new establishment to the area, but it does close for the winter and reopens with a few new items on the menu. Here is our full rundown of everything we tried.


Appertizers, wait for food with food

Chicken Tenders (4 NOMs)

While watching planes land and take off, enjoy some finger food with a few drinks or as an appetizer before your main course. These tenders are just as good as wings, but they come without the messiness. Lightly breaded and seasoned, they are very light even though they are fried and crunchy. One order is quite large, so be careful and not fill up too fast.

Wings (4/5 NOMs)

“Sticky, finger-liking good” is what we say about these wings, which come as fried, plain, or buffalo style. All three options were great and equally deserved to be in our tummy. The fried option had nice crispiness, and the buffalo style had a nice kick. These make for a great sharing plate with your friends or serve as a full meal for yourself. Don’t be ashamed of being a greedy, hungry nomster.

Onion Rings (4/5 NOMs)

We love onion rings and were quite happy to see many trays full of them. Time to dive in and eat them all! We were big fans of how crispy, crunchy these onion rings were. Plus, they are pretty thin, so that means you can eat so much more of them with no problems (that is, if you ignore the whole deep-fried thing.) They are a must order and would go so well on your burger or even salad. After all, you’re eating a vegetable!

Fried Pickles (2/5 NOMs)

We are big fans of pickles and fried things, so fried pickles s normally hit the right nomnom spot. This time around, however, the spot didn’t get tickled quite enough. The pickles were our least favorite dish from the Triple Craft. The main issue was that the pickles tasted wet on the inside, and dough overpowered all the flavor. We need more pickle flavor! This is a brand new dish for this burger place, so I am sure they will get it right soon.


Triple Craft is serving up some tasty-looking salads for those of us who are going veggie or watching our figures after having too many crazy milkshakes. Both the Southwest Chopped Salad and Nappa Salad come packed with different fresh ingredients. Southwest Chopped Salad comes with fire-roasted corn and peppers, tomatoes, cotja cheese, chipotle ranch, and BBQ drizzle. The cotija cheese caught our eye as we hadn’t heard of it before. According to the interwebs, this is a hard cow’s milk cheese from Mexico. Wait, the cow was hard when it made milk? I thought milk came from female cows? This makes me question everything! The Nappa Salad comes with some tasty, crispy tortilla, honey-lime vinaigrette, and sunflower butter. We couldn’t think of anything fun or naughty to say about it. Except that those crispy tortillas look hot!

Burgers, eat that meat!

Farmhouse Burger (3/5 NOMs)

Take me out to the farmhouse and slap me with that burger patty because we are into the Farmhouse Burger. It might be a bit messy looking, but we are into those messy boys. What caught our eyes and made us want to bite this hard was the smoked bacon and sunny-side-up egg on top. Those two are a must on any burger. Make sure you come here hungry, as this is one big burger with many meat and toppings.

Sweet & Smokey Burger (4/5 NOMs)

Look at that beautiful burger, and the cheese is perfectly layered with meat and all the toppings. Those are some very steady hands. What makes this our kind of burger is the bacon jam on top. We love bacon and jam so putting those things together on a burger is just right.

Craft Burger (4/5 NOMs)

If you like it, put a ring on it! That’s what was done here with the addition of an onion ring atop a Craft Burger. Who doesn’t like that extra fried topping? Plus, this comes with double the cheese. They should really call it Double Cheese Craft Burger. This tall nomnom may require you to really work for it, maybe even requiring you to unhinge that jaw. Unless you had a lot of practice as we do, that is. 😉

Desserts for Sugar Queens

Milkshakes (5/5 NOMs)

I want to suck on that! I mean, it takes some sucking skills to drink these crazy milkshakes! Good thing we have lots of practice. The crazy milkshakes are the kind that is larger than your face and contain enough sugar to put the whole family in a coma. So, sign us up! During the VIP event, we got to try some of the samplers. Sad not to see the crazy shakes, but flavor-wise still great. We tried three shakes Strawberry, Chocolate, and Caramel. Normally we are a chocolate kind of a nomster, but this time Strawberry won the taste battle. It has a nice strong strawberry flavor with vanilla ice cream. I can’t wait to come back and try them in the true crazy form. After all, like our dates, we like them crazy!

Brownies (4/5 NOMs)

For those who want to skip the milkshakes, first of all, what is wrong with you? But…I guess we accept your lifestyle choices. Or maybe you want more desserts than there are brownies and rice crisp. Triple Craft has several versions of brownie. Our favorite was the Peanut butter Brownie. Please give me that gooey goodness. I like it thick like that… wait, are we still talking about brownies? Probably ;). This is a great choice for those who are not looking to gain a few extra pounds from the milkshake but still need that sugar hit. Sadly, we are the kind of people that would order both!

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