Our Guide to Sweet Desserts in Dublin Ireland

Our Guide to Sweet Desserts in Dublin Ireland


After enjoying an amazing meal while exploring the secret foodie gem of Europe, you just have to enjoy tasty desserts. We are excited to bring you part two of our adventure in Dublin with a list of favorite sugary nom nom. These are some of our most favorite dishes that truly captured our hungry nomster hearts. After all, no good foodie experience can end without a nice dessert. Make sure to check out our Complete Guide to Food and Drinks in Dublin for more from our recent trip.

Mascarpone Mousse @ Pichet (4 NOMs)

Complete your French-Italian lunch with a tasty Mascarpone Mousse dessert from Pitchet, one of our favorite restaurants in Dublin. This French restaurant makes some great Italian dishes. Always great to see multiple different cuisines inspire and complement each other. We just had to have some dessert, especially after we had such a great appetizer, entree, and a drink. Ah, this Italian cream cheese dessert is so soft, and light that it will just melt in your mouth as mascarpone is not as sweet, balanced out by caramel, chocolate ice cream, fruits, and few other sweetness goodies. Lots of tasty things came together in this one dessert. So make sure to enjoy a little bit of everything in one go. Plus comes with a layer of chocolate mousse on top. This is a little sweetness of joy.

Milk Chocolate Ovaltine Mousse @ MV Cill Airne (4 NOMs)

There is a Mousse on my boat! It’s the tasty kind, Milk Chocolate Ovaltine Mousse on MV Cill Airne, an Irish pub on a boat in Dublin. We had such a good time enjoying food and drinks at this boat restaurant that we just had to get some nom nom desserts. Enjoying a mixture of geometric shapes here with circles and triangles. It’s not just geometry we enjoyed. The smooth and light mousse just made us want to enjoy it slowly and savor every spoonful.

Baked Pistachio Cheesecake @ Drury Buildings (5 NOMs)

We are going nut over this Baked Pistachio Cheesecake from Drury Buildings, an upscale modern Irish restaurant in Dublin. Talk about a cheesecake that so rich it can fill you up. I just love everything about it. The melted chocolate all over, the crunchy chocolate cookie crust, and of course pistachios everywhere. Plus served with chocolate ice cream on a side, after all, this dessert is not heavy sweet enough, LOL. While it’s vibrant and sweet, it didn’t feel like overly too much. It just means it’s a dessert you should share, and we didn’t, though. Because we wanted it all for ourselves and no one can’t have it.

Banoffee Pie @ Foam Cafe (4 NOMs)

More pie means more happiness globally, especially when enjoying nice Banoffee Pie from popular and quirky dessert place Foam Cafe in the heart of Dublin city. It is a very artsy and unique place that everyone must visit for a nice cup of coffee and tasty sweets. So many choices that it was a bit hard to pick. Got to admit, we never had a banana pie before, and it was a very nomnom experience. Just fell in love with the thick and yet soft layer of banana whipped cream on top and crumbled biscuits with toffee crust on the bottom. It wasn’t overly very sweet, so you can totally enjoy another slice. Great price, too, for just €5 ($6) for one slice. This place came highly recommended to us by the awesome @GastroGays, so make sure to follow them for more great foodstuff.

Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake @ Queen of Tarts (4 NOMs)

Eat like a queen with cheesecake for breakfast with Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake from Queen of Tarts, a famous breakfast & brunch dessert cafe in Dublin. Is it not an Irish experience unless everything has alcohol in it? Now that’s a cheesecake, a very dense chocolatey cheesecake. It alone might just fill you up, but fear not, they have other great dishes there. Great price for such a good cake for just €4 ($5). Another place that came highly recommended to us was totally worth it for desserts and full brunch.

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