World Champion Burger from BGR

Now These Are Great Burgers @ BGR

Champion Burger

We eat like champions. Oh, yea, a famous burger that won 3rd place in World Food Championship? I can’t pass this by. This is one great burger to bite into! I love the strange roasted onion marmalade on top, and of course, a fried egg is always an excellent choice. Not to forget it has one of my most favorite things, BACON! Pretty solid burger with a great mix of different flavors. I like how well all flavors play together, and you can do so much more with less. The only thing maybe I would have liked is more cheese. Make sure to try it now while it lasts only in December. They should bring it back soon, or we might bite someone there!

Thanksgiving On A Bun Burger

Start celebrating holidays early. Now that’s a holiday dish! Turkey burger topped with stuffing, cranberries, and gravy! Dam, those are some killer toppings.

Onion Rings

Eatable accessory? Yes, you can wear & eat. They are so big she can wear and show it off! She was not able to take it off and had to it of her hand! Funnies thing to see. Very thick and crunchy goodness. I just love these giant onion rings.

Pumpkin Pie Milkshake

No thanksgiving holiday can be without some pie. Even better in liquid form! I could celebrate every week with this pie.

Eggnog Shake

This the season to be hoggy, la la la, la la la! Another great addition to the winter holiday season goodies. Bring on the egg nog, and it’s like bacon goes well in any form. You can really taste egg nog and vanilla ice cream with every sip. It’s pretty thick, so make sure to suck it hard. It might require some strong lungs. A must-try this limited-time nomnom drink.