Eggs Benedict Smoked Turkey & Avocado from First Watch

New Take on Brunch & Breakfast at Healthy Diner, First Watch

Eggs Benedict Smoked Turkey & Avocado $8

Breakfast for lunch is always great nomnom. I think Smoked Turkey and Avocado is a great mix. Makes for a very soft and light texture. Next time I will have to try two other topping mixes. This dish comes with probably some of the best potatoes! This is a new healthy cafe in town, and many dishes come with nutritional facts, 691 calories—very reasonable prices for health-focused restaurants.

Floridian French Toast $7

in Florida, everything is more happily nomnom. Interesting take on brunch dish covered with fresh bananas, kiwi, and berries. Great order for french toast lovers, but wow, it’s 920 calories.

Crepeggs $9

Let’s eat breakfast for lunch! It’s a love child of crepe and eggs, crepeggs. I can’t pass on ordering weird name dishes. It was a pretty good dish that won’t make you feel bloated and pig-like. It’s a skinny and light dish that will make satisfied even hungry nomster like me. The potatoes were not bad, but not as good as last time.