Philly Steak Omelete @ Silver Diner Rockville

New location, New Menu at Silver Diner in Rockville

Philly Steak Omelete $13

Breakfast is always great for dinner at this premier diner chain in Rockville, DC, suburb neighborhood. It’s a fun omlet with a unique upscale healthy kind of touch to it. Say hello to one of our favorite omelets in the area. We love omelets, and it’s one of our favorite dishes, and very happy with this order. It was like eating a real Philly cheesesteak in an omelet form with a tone of meat and cheese. It is filled with super soft and tender sliced ribeye, so easy to cut and enjoy with double cheesy goodness of white American and Jack Cheddar. Tope that all with a whole lot of grilled onions.

Brownie Decadence Dessert $7

After excellent diner food, you need a fantastic dinner dessert at this healthy diner chain in Rockville, DC suburb neighborhood. My kind of brownies warm, vibrant, and gooey! Topped with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. We are very picky with our brownies, it must be just the right amount of gooeyness to it, and this brownie made us very happy nomsters. I’m sure when they worked on this, they thought that there is not enough sugar. The only solution is to add extra hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, and walnuts. Now, that’s the right amount of your daily sugar dose on one plate. Yea, there might be a whole table sugar overload coming soon. Not a small dessert, so we think you should split it with a friend or two. Unless you are super dessert greedy and want to eat the whole thing, no one would blame you and might give you a sugar reward, because you need more sugar after this.