Korean Burger from Quench

New American Restaurant with Asian fusion touch Quench Rockville

Hush Puppies

If you don’t order it, you are doing it wrong. Noming on some amazing deep-fried appetizer as a starter for lunch at one of our favorite places in the Rockville, DC suburb. It could have been because of hunger, but this tasted merely AMAZING. It could be one of the best-tasting hush puppies in town. These mighty hush puppies are stuffed with a whole lot of Maryland crab. It was like tasting a perfect flavor combination of sweet, savory, and tingly spicy from old bay aioli. Make sure to ask for extra sauce for that extra flavor. Great price for a great dish with an $8 price tag. Hands down one of our favorite appetizers!

Three Ways of Bacon $8

The best kind of three-way is with bacon!!! Dam that those slaps of pig goodness are enormous. So long and thick, perfect for a three-way. Perfected prepared with just the right amount of softness and light crunch house-cured bacon. Come with three very yummy dipping sauces: peach-dijon, maple-sriracha, and house BBQ. I fell in love with the maple sriracha. It will burn, but burn with sweetness. This is perfect bacon goodness for any bacon lover. You haven’t had bacon until you ordered this.

Korean Burger $12

My special move is kimchi punch. It is getting some Korean flavor burgers for lunch in one of our favorite places in the Rockville, DC suburb. Kimchi on a burger? Got to try that for sure. It sounded much better than it tasted. It’s a nice thick and juicy house grounded burger, really soft, but the kimchi and ginger pickled slaw seem to be the only thing we tasted. For so much meat, it’s a very veggie-tasting burger. Maybe both are just too much, and pick just one? It wasn’t even a strong flavor, and just everything seems to be on a more bland side. Added a fried egg. It’s like bacon, always a great addition. Though $2 is a lot. It does come with excellent french fries on the side, a big fan of dipping them into bulgogi sauce. Still, consider this to be one of our favorite places, but not likely to order this again.

Dorito Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken $12

Forget Dorito tacos when you have Dorrto Mac n Cheese Fried Chicken best of three worlds from New American Quench restaurant in Rockville, DC. Just overflowing with Dorito excitement!!!! There is a new restaurant in town, and we just had to try their famous Mac & Cheese. Gooey cheesiness comes with some yummy Doritos nachos on top. Great combination with natty boh cheese sauce and orecchiette pasta. Yumminess doesn’t end yet. Add perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside fried chicken. You can’t go wrong with such a nomnom combination. I’m happy to say this might be one of my favorite Mac & Cheeses and restaurants in town. Super excited to come back and try this again.