Naan Chicken Pizza from Spice 6

Move Over Red Sauce for Indian Naan Pizza @ Spice 6 in Hyattsville

Naan Pizza

Move over the red sauce, and we are going curry style with Naan Chicken Pizza from Spice 6, an Indian fast food place in Hyattsville. Who needs red sauce or white pizza when you can get curry pizza. Get your own customizable personal pizza on freshly baked bread with a choice of 4 different curry sauces. It’s not your everyday pizza dough, but a softer and thin crust. Similar to what you get at an Indian restaurant as a snack. Like many Indian dishes, this was well seasoned a slightly spicy. Not overly spicy, so about anyone can enjoy it regardless of their hotness tolerance. I asked for an extra cucumber sauce for dipping my pizza. Oh, what a great idea that was, extra flavor nom and reduced hotness. It’s a very filling pizza, at first, I thought I could quickly eat the whole thing, but halfway through I was defeated. Makes for a great leftover nomnom. Can’t wait to come back and dry Naan Lamb Pizza.

Mango Lassi $3

Mango smoothie!! Always excited to enjoy Lassi a traditional Indian yogurt-based drink. It’s so smooth and savory, perfect to cool down your mouth while enjoying nice spicy food. Taste a little yogurty, but not too much that allows mango flavor to come through. Kind of wanted to go back and have more. Great new Indian fast food place that I can’t come back to.