Banh Mi @ G Street Food

Must try Asian fusion lunch in Downtown DC @ G Street Food

Banh Mi Sandwich $9
You had me at first bite. Super excited to try Vietnamese sandwich at this new Asian, Hispanic, American fusion lunch place in McPherson Square, DC. Get ready to taste something you’ve never tasted before. Such a unique sandwich that no wonder this is one of their most popular items. There is so much flavor that at first bite in your taste buds get amazed. So amazed you have to take another and another bite. So carefully crafted, this could be one of the best Banh Mi sandwiches in town with a perfect combination of Roasted Pork, Prosciutto, Pickled Vegetables, Jalapeños, and Mayo. Served on very soft in housed-backed baguette bread. Check out their other locations in Dupont and near White House. We want to thank the G Street Food manager for inviting us to take a tour and try some very nomnom things.

Bulgogi Kimchi Quesadilla

Super fusion mode activate! Excited to try some unique quesadillas at this new Asian, Hispanic, American fusion lunch place in McPerson Square, DC. They came up with an ultimate fusion dish that combines homemade kimchi’s spiciness, meaty goodness of bulgogi, and gooey goodness Mexican four-cheese blend. All that in an excellent easy to eat quesadilla form. This combination created one of the most unique and flavorful mixes. You are taken across continents with every bite and served with a side of guacamole for that extra nomnom flavor. It was dipped as much as I could. Not that it needs any additional flavor, but always better to have more. I was worried the kimchi might be a bit too spicy, but it was just the right amount of hotness and well balanced with all that bulgogi and cheese. No wonder this is one of their most popular lunch orders. Great price for such a large lunch for just $8. With another dish coming, it was tough to eat this whole thing. The dish Just tasted so good. It would make for a perfect lunch nomnom during the workweek.