Meatballs Rice Bowl @ ShopHouse

Anything Goes with Build Your Own Bowl @ ShopHouse (CLOSED)

It builds your anything goes bowl with Meatballs Rice Bowl from ShopHouse, a new lunch spot in Dupont Circle, DC. It’s so fun creating your very own custom bowl, and it’s all about what you put in it and how well it compliments other toppings. There are many choices, so you might want to come prepared in advance so as not to hold up the line of other hungry lunch nomsters. Make sure to mix it well together before eating, so all the juices and spices are everywhere. First, pick your base, and since this is an Asian place, we are going all-in with the rice! Next, it’s protean time, and we went with highly recommended chicken and pork meatballs. We are hungry, so it’s double-timed with some extra meaty balls. They tasted so good that we can eat them for every meal without anything else. Continue with more things like kale with so much spicy, and you will break the sweat in no time. Thai Chilies looked so good that we couldn’t resist adding them. The thing to remember, when they say it’s spicy, trust them, it’s SPICY! We got carried away and might have made our bowl a bit too spicy. Sweat-inducing spicy, but oh burn so good. I can’t wait to come back for lunch or dinner to try more fun bowl combinations.

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