Best Day to Go Vegetarian, Spinach Tofucakes @ Mark's Kitchen

Mark’s Kitchen an Asian Fusion Best Restaurant in DC (CLOSED)

Spinach Tofucakes (5/5 NOMs)

A vegetarian dish that even this big meat lover can’t get enough is a veggie for one with Spinach Tofu Cakes & Noodles from Mark’s Kitchen. Mark’s Kitchen is an Asian-American fusion restaurant in Takoma Park.

We are big meat lovers. I mean, we can consume a one-pound beef patty burger in one bite. However, we are also big fans of vegan/vegetarian food, especially from this restaurant. Fear not, they also have some great meaty goodness on their menu, but now we mostly come for our veggie fix. The tofu cakes tasted divine, so soft and yet flavourful. You really haven’t had tofu until you have had this dish. Still, I can’t believe they were able to make it so good!

The secret is that it is also mixed with red pepper, spring onion, and shitake mushrooms. All of that goodness served on top of brown rice with Raspberry Soy Sauce. It blew our minds and our taste buds, unlike anything we have ever had before. It’s no surprise that this is one of our most favorite places in the DC area. We also got some amazing sweet potatoes as a side dish, but I really really wish they had a bigger serving. That’s the one small problem I have with this place, and side orders tend to be a bit small. I know we probably don’t need more, but FEED ME! Let us say something about the noodles, which were also great and very enjoyable. Not the cheapest dish with a $17 price tag, but a whole lot of good food. You can order the Spinach Tofu Cakes as its own dish for $10, but really why do that when you can also get some yummy noodles? A perfect dish for any vegetarian, vegan, or even meat lover out there.

Korean Steak Burger $9

Vegans know their meat, especially with Korean Steak Burger from a vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore Korean fusion restaurant in the heart of Takoma Park, DC’s artsy suburb. Who knew vegans make one mean meaty burger! The only way to make a black Angus beef burger better is to top it with Korean Steak! I love the fun flavor mixture and new tasty take on the burger. Double the meat layer means double the tasty goodness. It also means double the effort to fit it in your mouth. Good thing for you, we are masters of fitting big things in our mouths. This made this hungry nomster very happy. The only thing that would make this better is more fries. I mean, really, the mouth you get is a joke. HUNGRY JOKE! Still, it was a great burger from one of our most favorite places in the DC area. You have to try this and a lot of other crazy nomnom dishes they have.

Tofu & Eggplant Club $8

What the vegan? We have a few vegan fans, so I decided to try a vegan club sandwich. Not a bad sandwich. I wish it had more flavors. It tasted just too bland. Maybe if the eggplant was deep-fried? or there was bacon in there, lol? It did have vegan cheddar cheese, but I didn’t really taste it. The side of roasted potatoes was far too small and weak in flavors. So sadly not something I will order next time.

Peanut Butter BLT Sandwich

Sandwich? Sounds awesome, combining the nomnom of Peanut Butter with Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes? I thought so, but sadly there was barely any peanut butter in there. If you are going to put some, you should go all out and make it a nice thick layer. I was very disappointed by this. Plus, this is a tiny sandwich that left me hungry for more. I know most of you think only Boris can order PB&BLT Sandwich?

Onion Rings $3

It’s crunch time. This was a great way to start our late lunch. Crunchy greecy rings dripping in nomnom goodness, just the way it should be. I wish they gave you more than just 5.

Chicken Teriyaki & Sweet Potato Omelet $10

Start your day with double potato goodness in your omelet from a uniquely Asian American fusion restaurant in Takoma Park, DC’s artsy suburb. This place brings a new take on most dishes with their tasty American and Asian combinations. Omelets are no exception, with a lovely chicken teriyaki and potato combination. This makes a perfect breakfast. With so much protean in this omelet, you are bound to stay full for a while. Fell in love with thin-cut chicken and sweet potatoes layers. Just the right amount so no flavor is lost or overpowered. Even with these two potent ingredients, you can still taste very light and soft eggs & cheese. You are served with very well seasoned and flavorful home fries on the side. You get potatoes on the inside and outside!

Korean Short Ribs Potato Noodles $10

Now we are talking, and this was an awesome dish! I was really blown away by the flavor. I love how flavorful and tender the short ribs were. Of course, like many Asian dishes, you got to get a little bit of everything together. Fried brown rice? I don’t see that every day. I don’t think I’ve ever had Potato Noodles, and they made a great addition. Veggies were very soft and well prepared, not to taste like boring veggies. I guess this made up for the disappointment with PB&BLT Sandwich.

Seaweed Burger $8

Roasted seaweed on my burger? Yeap, it’s a seaweed burger. I wasn’t sure what to expect since you don’t see seaweed burgers very often. This was a pretty good burger with excellent flavor mixes and fried seaweed. I thought it could have used more plants to add the taste. Still, I think this was a tasty dish and worth a try for everyone. Pick Sweet Potatoes as an aside. They are AMAZING! How can you not want to try this?

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