Maple Pork Belly Sandwich @ Scion Silver Spring

Belly Happy Time Lunch & Dinner @ Scion Silver Spring (CLOSED)

Potatoes Nachos

Match nacho love and bacon with a nice order of Potato Nachos from Scion in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city-like suburb. These are not your grandpa’s nachos, and it’s potatoes! Bring on a new way of doing nachos with fried breakfast potatoes. Thinly sliced crunchy potatoes smothered with bacon and cheese. There is so much cheese that maybe it should be called cheenachos—an excellent combination of gooey cheesy and bacony goodness. Get ready for a nice spicy kick with some fried jalapeños. Price-wise it’s not bad for $7. This starter dish is so big and heavy that it can be your entire dish. We recommend splitting it with a few friends.

Mac and Cheese Appetizer $7

Start your lunch with Mac and Cheese appetizer at our favorite Silver Spring restaurants in the DC suburb. Forget those boring one cheese macs and say hello to a five cheese blend. In the world of more always better, especially when it comes to good food, this hits the spot to feed the hungry nomsters. It is nicely baked; it’s a thick cheese crust on top and gooey cheese sauce all over a large mac. We love their Lobster Bacon Jalapeño Mac and Cheese, but this is a perfect alternative to enjoy a similar dish and still have some more room to explore their unique menu. Nice sizable portion too, easily can be a whole meal for one person or good to share with a few friends. Careful, sharing this dish might be hard; it’s so good that it might get devoured in no time. You can make it even better by adding some bacon for an extra 1 dollar. Hey, it’s so worth it because bacon always makes everything so much better.

Blue Cheese Croquettes Appetizer

Fried goodness appetizer for lunch at one of our favorite Silver Spring restaurants, DC suburb. It’s like eating potato pancakes on steroids, so much nomnom awesomeness going on inside. Unlike most croquettes we come to enjoy, these are not small. Two huge fried goodness patties. Crunchy on the outside and cheesy goodness on the inside. You can taste the blue cheesy goodness on the inside. A big plus for the right balance without overloading taste buds with all that cheese. Comes with a very yummy spicy chipotle aioli sauce for that extra kick in your mouth. Blue cheese and spiciness are a great combination. Yes, bigger is always better for food size queens! Fried, breaded, and cheese would make you think of the hearty dish, but they were pretty light and an excellent way to start your lunch noming adventure at this place. You can easily make this appetizer a side dish for your main course or split it with a few friends. It a pretty cheap dish for just $6. I recommend sharing and ordering more so you can explore their fantastic menu.

Maple Pork Belly Sandwich

Get ready for some happy belly in your belly with this amazing sandwich at one of our favorite Silver Spring restaurants, DC suburb. It’s a beauty on a plate, colorful and sparkling. It gives you a pause to enjoy how beautiful it is. So many different distinct flavors from savory to sweet, it was one of the best combinations. The maple-glazed pork belly was simply divine. So thick and yet so soft, it’s perfect pork that might be addicting. Maybe there is something more than just maple glaze in there? This is the type of dish you eat slowly to savor every single bite. We love the pork, but it’s not the only thing that made this one of the tastiest sandwiches we tried. The Croissant Bun really helped to elevate this dish to a whole new flavor level. It added that nice slight sweetness with a crunch. Awesomeness is not over, and it comes topped with Apple-Fennel Slaw. It added a nice light flavor that worked perfectly with pork. So much better than eating some boring coleslaw. This sandwich will make you want to rub your belly with a smile. Come served with a nice serving of delicious french fries. No need for ketchup or any other dipping sauce. Just enjoy their natural fried flavors. This is one of our new favorite dishes at this place. It might just make you want to scream, Put some belly in my belly!

Lobster Bacon Jalapeno Mac n Cheese

The dreams of every Mac n Cheese love are made of this Lobster Bacon Jalapeno Mac n Cheese from a brand new Scion restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s city-like suburb. Guess who is super excited about the brand new Scion location right in Silver Spring. Holy cheesy macaroni, it’s not just one cheese, but five different blends with lobster, bacon, and jalapeno deliciousness. You can never have enough cheese! It comes with a whole lot of lobster and top of bacon bits. As you bite into it, you will discover a subtle little hint of Jalapeños. As you enjoy every single bite of this dish, you realize how heavy it and might question if you can finish it. It’s one of those dishes that even if you are full, you can’t stop eating. Only one is leaving this table; it’s either you or this Mac n Cheese. It’s the dish that will challenge your taste buds and ability to finish dinner. It’s an adventure worth taking for one of the best Mac n Cheese in town.

One thing that is upsetting about this dish is that it’s not available for brunch. WTF!!! It’s your best dish, and you are not serving it. Could you not make us hangry? It’s ok; they have plenty of other great dishes.

Lobster Reuben Sandwich

It’s Sunday brunch time at one of our favorite places in Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. It’s a different kind of Reuben sandwich, a whole lot of classy with that lobster. That’s a lot of-of big chunks of meaty lobster goodness. So much that it the only thing you taste, but no complaints, so good! Combine that with a tone of melted swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing — all that on lightly toasted rye bread. Usually not a big fan of Sauerkraut, but they did something to it that it was very nomnom. That is a lot going on in there, so happy to say that lobster is still the star and the main thing you taste. Forget the fries and go with pasta salad! It’s their hidden gem side order. You would think it a strange pairing, but yet it works so well. A bit of a pricey side for a sandwich with a $16 price tag. However, it’s a lot of food, so that you will end up with many flavors. We got to try it for brunch, but it’s one of their regular dishes for lunch and dinner — so many chances for you to try it. / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp Silver Spring
1200 East West Highway Silver Spring, MD 20910