Smoked Wild Salmon $16 @ Nepenthe Big Sur CA

Lunch on a Clif of Pacific Ocean @ Nepenthe Big Sur California

Smoked Wild Salmon $16

Don’t hang off the cliff and start your food adventure with Smoked Salmon from Nepenthe, an iconic restaurant with the best view of the pacific ocean on Route 1 in Big Sur, California. Must stop for all the tourists taking the scenic Route 1 from San Francisco to Los Angeles. What can be more perfect than a start with a nice and light Smoked Alaskan Sockeye Salmon? It is very thing and an excellent piece that goes perfectly with creamy cheese on top of super crunchy rye crisps. You can taste the high-quality smoked salmon that goes perfectly with the cheese. Put a little bit of everything on each rye crips for that classic flavor combination. What makes this even more excellent is how light this dish is, so there is plenty of room for more food. Price-wise it’s not a cheap dish, but it will still enjoy and plenty of food to tie our hungry tummies until the main course. No price can compete with a chance to eat right on a cliff of the Pacific ocean with one of the most amazing views ever. The bar area is a perfect way to start your noming adventures with drinks and appetizers while you wait. It’s a trendy place, so be ready for a long wait, but it’s all worth it.

Roasted Pork Loin Sandwich $19

Pigs do fly off the cliff with this Roasted Pork Loin Sandwich from Nepenthe, a restaurant with the breath is taken a view in Big Sur California on Route 1. Regardless of the food, this is a magical place you must top by located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. I was so hungry after a long trip, and the roasted pork sandwich sounded like the meaty goodness we needed. Flavor-wise it was a pretty good sandwich, a bit dry with so many pork layers. Few parts of pork slices were over-roasted that added a sweet extra flavor and church. Over roasting seems to work well in this sandwich. The gooey Schoch Family Farmstead Jack Cheese and roasted red pepper aioli helped add the needed softness. Nepenthe sure knows their bread and lunch served on French baguette perfectly grilled to a nice crunch texture without being too hard. I expected a little more food for this price, which defiantly decreased the overall dish NOMs score.

Four Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake $10

Four layers over the fudge cliff when it comes to a Four Layer Chocolate Fudge Cake from Nepenthe, a unique restaurant with a fantastic view of the California Coast in Big Sur on Route 1. When we saw a thing from afar, we knew that we got to dig into it after all. Who can say no to a giant piece of cake goodness? The only thing we like more than dessert is a big dessert. This is not just big and thick, but a vibrant and dense cake. Don’t try to eat it all by yourself, or there might be sugar overload. The fudge part of the cake was a bit dry, which, combined with richness, made it harder to eat. I wish it were more soft and moist. Ended up not finishing this cake as one by one, every participant dropped out admitting defeat against this giant fudge cake. I thought dryness didn’t help. Don’t be surprised for a long wait, especially during bad weather as outside sitting closes. Good thing there is space at the bar to enjoy a few drinks and some appetizers.