Looking for Bacon Soulmate with Bacon Dating App Sizzl from Oscar Mayer

Looking for Bacon Soulmate with Sizzl Dating App from Oscar Mayer

There is a dating app for people who love bacon? Of course, we are going to sign up and check it out. After all, WE LOOOOOOVE BACON!!! Not surprised someone created it. After all, there are dating apps for Christians, gays, farmers, tall people, short people, and so much more than your mom probably doesn’t want to hear about. This glorious creation was brought to you by the master of bacon at Oscar Mayer, a Kraft Food Inc company. Of course, this is very much a promotional product for the company, but it’s a hell of fun. First thing, it doesn’t actually push company products. Nowhere does it say, “Hey, try our stuff,” or interrupt you with “buy bacon now.” It is pretty much just a dating app with the Oscar Mayer’s logo in 2 or 3 places. I say a good job at not overly branding it and keeping the overall interface very simple. It has fewer ads than Okcupid or even Grindr.

You can download the app from Apple App Store, sorry Android or Windows there is no bacon love for you. Maybe they assume you are vegan? or plainly hate bacon! HOW DARE YOU?! Just kidding, I know you love bacon, maybe just vegan bacon?

Looking for Bacon Soulmate with Bacon Dating App Sizzl from Oscar Mayer

We start by what many dating apps this day do is connected to Facebook, and as a person who does not care (no, we actually do) about privacy, we click YES. After all, I want my bacon, boys! Then we select what our gender is, which is a boy, and who we are looking for, men. OMG, I’m gay?! Yea, if you missed it after all these years, we love sausages or, in this case, pieces of bacon.

Looking for Bacon Soulmate with Bacon Dating App Sizzl from Oscar Mayer

Next, it will go through and ask you different kinds of questions based on Pork or Turkey’s bacon preference. Turkey bacon is a lie!!!! Followed by the type of bacon, we always go with a nice and thick piece because it’s always better to have more in your mouth ;). The app continues by asking you a few other questions on cooking and other preferences. Strangely there is no way of changing answers afterwords. What if my preference change, and later, I prefer a long piece of bacon instead of thick? Though this size queen kind of likes it long and thick. I’m sorry, but there is no way to avoid making naughty references here. Even the Apple Wood option sounds dirty, tee hee.

Looking for Bacon Soulmate with Bacon Dating App Sizzl from Oscar Mayer

After a few more questions, we get what we wanted, bacon-lover matches!!! Unlike Tinder with swipes right and left, you can specify how HOT you are for your match by holding down bacon hear. The wait is thing suddenly a Grindr app? Oh no, how hot you are for bacon today. We are always hot for bacon!!! Always make sure to press it really hard. Maybe they will send you bacon when they see your hard press.

You can still swipe right for LIKE and left for NOO. Except here, you get a bacon heart. Heart of bacon, is that something you should see a doctor about? That was exciting, but sadly after two swipes left, I know no Nomster love for them. There were no more matches. It’s been a few days, and we are yet to find our bacon love. This is a brand new app, and not sure if a lot of people heard of it just yet. Though they really should sign up, after all, bacon is great, and you should always find someone who loves bacon the same way as you do.

The nice thing about this app is that while it’s connected to Facebook like Tinder and lets you pick already posted pictures on Facebook, you are not limited to those. You can upload your own pictures from the smartphone, so no limitation like Tinder, which is great. That is one of the things I really dislike about Tinder.

Overall I thought this app had a pretty simple design and, to the point, the point of bacon love! It worked well, and I haven’t found any glitches—no glitches, unlike most other dating apps these days. The main two issues are that you can’t change bacon types’ criteria, and there is no one on it. Or I guess no gay bacon boys on it. You should change that and sign up, so maybe we will match. If you are cute and like foodie adventures, well, message us here, and you never know we might think you are not as much of a stalker or killer and go out with you. Alright, that sounded desperate, so let’s finish this up. So sign up for this app and start Sizzling!



Have a very NOM NOM Day!

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