Leopold's Grits $18 @ Kafe Leopold Georgtown

Little corner of Austria for brunch at Kafe Leopold in Georgtown DC

Leopold’s Grits $18

Enjoy your grits the European style like this dish from an Austrian restaurant’s Sunday Brunch in Georgetown, DC’s fancy fashion and shopping district. No one knows how to make ham better than Europeans, especially the Austrians, the fatherland of meat-loving. Let me come out and say that I have never liked grits. Every time I had them, the texture and flavors were not enjoyable until we had this dish. These grits are on a whole new level than what we’ve tried before. The unique preparation and pairing made this one of the most nomnom dishes. Thick cut pieces of ham and sunny side up eggs are the keys to this different take on grits. This was a pretty large dish for such a fancy restaurant. It was almost surprising, but it won’t hear us complain. The more good food we have, the better.

Courtland Apple Ricotta $13

Start your European tour with a unique take on ricotta at the famous Austrian restaurant’s Sunday brunch in Georgetown, DC’s fashion district. This beautiful and flavorful combination of sweet and savory ricotta is one of the unique variations. Made from fresh goat milk, you can taste the light and fluffy ricotta. The Granola and wild honeycomb sets it apart as one of the best dishes. This sweet and crunchy combination just won our flavor buds that demanded more with every bite. It’s one of those dishes you want to enjoy slowly to savor it for as long as possible — a great way to start your Sunday brunch noming adventure.