Brunch from Little Beast Cafe & Bistro in Chevy Chase Washington DC

Little Beast Brunch, Cuteness in Every Bite


We are excited to introduce you to our new favorite brunch place – Little Beast in Friendship Heights! This is one of the cutest places in Washington, D.C.! Brunch is like a Sunday church for D.C. gays, so we are very picky about our places of worship. We’ve got to be honest; the name and the cute monsters on the walls were one of the main reasons we wanted to try this place. After all, who doesn’t want to eat with little monsters who look so much like our own icon, the Nomster? Check out some of the other brunch dishes we’ve tried in the D.C. area.

Cuteness All-Around

Little Beast is one of the cutest places in the Washington D.C. area. The cuteness doesn’t stop at the logo; you can find cute little monsters all over the restaurant. They get 5 NOMs just for adding all the adorable things without going overboard. Plus, their outdoor sitting area made for a great first Little Beast brunch experience. It almost feels like the Nomster might have some competition in town!

Breakfast Pizza (6/5 NOMs)

Look at this beautiful white sauce breakfast pizza. With just one bite, it instantly became one of our favorites from the Little Beast menu. The menu has several other pizzas, but the eggs are a must for brunch. This pizza offered a perfect combination of bechamel (the white sauce) with two kinds of cheese (ricotta and mozzarella), caramelized onions, bacon, and two sunny-side-up eggs. The runny yolk pushed this great dish to perfection. At $16, it was a pretty good price for such a good pizza too. While we ordered it as a shared dish, I can see myself eating it alone. Please stay away from my breakfast pizza, or I’ll bite you!

Croque Madame (5/5 NOMs)

Croque Madame combines two of our favorite things: breakfast and sandwiches. At Little Beast, these combine to create a perfect brunch dish. This is a must-order dish for cheese lovers, as it comes with a great combination of Gruyere and bechamel sauce, the same white sauce we loved from the breakfast pizza. Multiple layers of ham and turkey are combined with cheesy goodness and a perfectly runny yolk. Now that’s how you make an utterly delicious brunch dish. Oh, and the home fries were absolutely on point. For brunch, the $15 price (including an extra $1 to make it “madame”) is pretty reasonable for such a tasty meal.

Fried Chicken Sandwich (4/5 NOMs)

Nothing says the “perfect addition” to brunch drinkies like a Fried Chicken Sandwich at Little Beast. This one-dish pack’s so many nomnom things into one bite! Fried chicken thigh, bacon, a thick piece of melted cheddar, and spicy slaw, all topped with a perfectly runny egg. It’s good that we are no strangers to eating huge items, or we would need to unhinge our jaws for this big boy!

Bloody Marry (4/5 NOMs)

There is no such thing as brunch without a little alcohol, especially your standard Bloody Maries and mimosas. A breakfast drink like this hits the spot just right. Like all the dishes, these drinks looked great, and we couldn’t wait to get drunk on them.

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