Kalbi Wrap @ AZN Eats Truck at Taste of DC

The Must Have Dishes from at Taste of DC

Lettuce Wrap @ AZN Eat Truck

Wrap me in lettuce this year. The taste of DC is all about the food trucks. The first thing is a lettuce wrap? I am intrigued by this and have to try it. Lettuce is not just there, so we can say it is healthier, no it truly adds a unique flavor. Eating the spare ribs by themselves and with wrap are completely different flavors—a great way to incorporate meat and veggies. So make sure to wrap it up! With so few things in there, it had a whole lot of flavor. All it is char-grilled short ribs, sesame oil, rice, and scallions. It was hard not to stuff the whole thing into my mouth. It tasted so good, and I couldn’t get enough of it and think about ordering a few more of them. These spare ribs were prepared to spare ribs to perfection with a nice glaze over them. It shows you that you can do more with less. Make sure to order this if you come across this truck at lunchtime in the DC area. Great value for your money for just $5. Honestly, I might get two of them! Not just the best dish from Taste of DC, but probably one of the best dishes you can find in food trucks and restaurants in all of the DC areas!! Yea, we said it and stand behind these claims. Now make us some of this!!!

Corned Beef @ Carving Room

Carve up all my beef for lunch from this unique DC kitchen bar at Taste of DC 2014, this year’s biggest foodie event. First, look, and this is one wonderful sandwich, sure like those beefy curves. I want to carve it all up with my mouth. It’s all about the meat, not much else there, but hey, you don’t see us complaining. It tastes so good that you don’t need a whole lot of things and just let the meat speak for itself. Or shall we say taste for itself? Fan of the thing cut rye bread. It added minimal flavor and allowed us to really enjoy the beef. Plus a little bit of mustard for that extra kick. According to their website, some of their beef is cured for 21 days. No wonder it tasted so good. They sure like their corned beef, and the menu has several very nomnom looking sandwiches. I can’t wait to stop by and try the rest of their nomnom menu, maybe one of the corned beef sandwiches.

Kettle Corn $2 @ J Wave’s Kettle Corn

Pop my magic corn for dessert from a food truck at Taste of DC 2014, this year’s biggest foodie event. Great way to end your adventure with a tasty treat. I am a total dessert size queen and always want the biggest, but this small is way too big. If this is small, I’m scared to see their large. Though for just 2 dollars, you really don’t need anymore. Several people can easily enjoy this bag. This small bag was endless, I kept on eating, and it just won’t end. Freshly off their kettle, the bag was so warm just made me want to snuggle with it. Mhhh, you can feel all the popcorn love warms in every bag—also, a good way to stay warm on a cold day. Big things come in small packages, each popped into a huge ball of popcorn goodness. With nice crispiness on the outside, it just called for you to keep eating it on a go as you enjoy Taste of DC. Even after finishing the whole bag, it still didn’t feel like I finished a whole bag. Very light and sweet, this made for a great dessert.

Root Beer Float @ Thunder Beast

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder drink! Exploring the root beer floats at Taste of DC 2014. I knew about beer microbrew but never encountered a root beer one. Get ready to be amazed! There was a choice to order a just normal root beer, but the guy at the booth convinced us with his excitement and smiled to get the floats. He is crazy! You can really taste the love of root beer in every bottle. Flavors were so much richer than the big brand names you get at the stores. The flavor didn’t linger in your mouth, and your pallet was open to enjoy other nomnom things. Whatever ice-cream they picked for the float, I just loved it! Apparently, you can get a 5-gallon keg from their website!! The big benefit that there is no corn syrup, caffeine, and gluten-free. So really there is no excuse for you not to enjoy it! That’s exactly what ThunderCats needed to defeat the Mumm-Ra. Right now, you can only buy it from their website, but I’m sure soon you will find this root beer all over the area.