Join a Toasting Revolution with Revolution R180, High Speed Toaster


Do you normally have a hectic morning doing thousand of things to get ready and not enough time to make a quick toast? Then you are in luck because Revolution InstaGLO™ R180 by Revolution Cooking is a smart toaster made for the modern age and people on the go. We recently moved our offices and were looking to update our kitchen, especially that old toaster. So we were delighted when they reached out to us about trying their smart toaster. So they send us one to taste test with all the nom noms we enjoy. While we received this toaster for free from Revolution Cooking, our opinion is based on the smart toaster’s honest, hands-on IQ test.

Hands on Video Review

What makes it intelegent?

This is not a smart home device as there is no wifi connection, voice control, or app. however, we would call it an intelligent device as it comes packed with high-tech features and algorithms for perfect toast.

One of the most important features of this toaster is how there is no need to agonize if you entered a temperature too high. Instead of using their simple touch screen, you select the type of item like bread, bagel, English muffin, waffle, or pop tart. Every item option with 3 options for fresh, frozen, and reheat. The final step is to select the color or how baked and crispy you want toast to be. From 1 being lightest and 7 being darkest. Revolution InstaGLO™ will automatically pick the right time and heating level.

The InstaGLO™ R180 will autoload your food when you press start. The loading mechanism adjusts its height based on the food you selected. So all heating is evenly distributed for that perfect toasting on the outside and keeping it soft on the inside.

Another stand-out feature of this toaster is the alert for when the crumble tray needs to be emptied. This really helps those who always forget to check if we are about to start a fire.

Heating Speed

This toaster is not just a pretty face and also comes with some new heating technologies. Revolution Cooking claims its new InstaGLO heating system will heat things at a much faster rate. Our hands-on taste test confirms this technology is not just an empty claim. Plus, if you are reheating already toasted bread, it will only take a few seconds. This heating feature is even more amazing because even in the darkest setting, 7, the food is not burned inside. Instead, everything comes out only toasted on the outside and soft on the inside.

Touch Screen

This smart toaster’s touch screen is the second thing we love, with an easy-to-use interface and responsive touch screen. It feels like we are about to watch some TikTok videos as it feels like using a phone. The screens definitely elevate the whole toaster to a high-tech device. This touch screen is so simple that anyone can easily figure out how to use it.


The toaster comes with some fun accessories to help you make more delicious things. While we didn’t get to try it, the R180 has a Panini Press and a Warming Rack for items that are too big to fit into the whole ;).

Final Thoughts

Now, this is not your mother’s regular toaster that costs $15. These features, touch screens, heating systems, and stylish designs come with a big price tag of $300. InstaGLO™ R180 is one of those things you get when it’s time to treat yourself, or you are always up for the latest and greatest gadgets. This is a high-end item, and it definitely has a price to match.

Where to buy

You can purchase your Revolution InstaGLO™ R180 at It comes with a warranty money back, customer support, and free delivery. / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Youtube / Pinterest
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