Flaming Poo Poo Plater from China Garden

It’s All About That Dim Sum in Arlington @ China Garden

Flaming Poo Poo Plater

Eating poo? Yes, you heard it right, Poo Poo Plater. Oh, silly nomsters. No, there was no poo, and I’m sure it means something specific. Everything tasted amazing, and getting it extra grilled with fire right there was so fun. It was a mix of fried chicken, beef on a stick, fried shrimp, pork ribs, spring rolls, and more. I giggled none stop while ordering. We tee hee it’s poo poo.

Dim Sum

Craving some dumplings? Then it would help if you stopped by this place in Rosslyn’s ABC building. Every weekend for lunch, you get to experience the roaming carts full of goodies for foodies. This was one of the fastest dim sum lunches I’ve had. Usually, it takes a while to try everything, but we were done pretty quickly.