Roti Canai from Malaysia Kopitiam

Indian-influenced Malaysian restaurant Malaysia Kopitiam

Malaysia Fried Rice

You can fry me any time when it comes to this fantastic fried rice at a tasty Malaysian restaurant in DC. That is a pile of rice and a whole lot of other things. Lots are packed into this bowl. With the first bite, we just fell in love with this fried rice. The flavor combination of veggies, seasoning, and meats was excellent. What makes it even better is the fried egg on top. The only thing I kind of wish that the egg was sunny side up so all the yolk could mix with the rice. That would make it even better. It comes with not just one but two, chicken and shrimp. Though the rice and all other flavors kind of overpowered the meats. It’s a pretty large portion, don’t let it fool you. Halfway through, you might have to take a break. It might be a mistake to force yourself to eat everything. We made this mistake, couldn’t stop because it’s just so good.

Roti Canai Appetizer

This is the roti flatbread you are looking for and tasting some Indian-influenced Malaysian appetizers in Dupont Circle, DC. It’s unlike any other flatbread you will ever try. Super thin and light, roti is more like a crepe. The flavor is very surprising, and it’s slightly sweet and yet not sweet. It is served with chicken curry for some dipping — a great way to pass the time before your main dish comes out. You get several layers of this flatbread, but make sure to ask for extra bread. You will want to keep dipping it into all that yummy curry. It’s a must-order appetizer here.

Sticky Rice

I can’t get out of this sticky situation. We are exploring some fun sticky rice desserts around Dupont Circle, DC neighborhood. It’s not just good old sticky rice we’ve had so many times, no it’s so much more. First, it’s a beautiful presentation. It’s not just a pretty dish, but also a super tasty meal—delightful and dense rice ball, topped with crunchy peanuts and sesame seeds. Finally, for some extra sweetness, the plate is covered in coconut milk. It’s a flavor explosion, so sweet and refreshing it would be perfect on a hot day. Probably one of the best sticky rice desserts in town. I highly recommend you try this.