Angus Beef Burger $8 @ Big Buns Arlington

I like Big Burger Buns and Can’t Lie @ Big Buns Arlington

Angus Beef Burger $8

I like big buns, and I can not lie, especially this big Angus Beef burger from this new burger joint in Arlington, DC’s city suburb. It builds your own burger place, which always makes us so crazy happy to get our creative juices flowing. Mhhh burger juices! You can’t pass their Fallow some very simple steps to the great one of the most nomnom burgers in town. Step 1: select your meat craving. Step 2: bun or bowl. It’s big buns, so BUNs! Step 3: pick your cheesy goodness, free crazy unlimited toppings, and some very nomnom premium toppings + 0.99c like fried egg and onion rings. Step 4: special saucy goodness like amazing chipotle pesto aioli and herb ranch. Step 5: desert and sides. Step 6: BITE INTO BURGELICISNESS!!!! They pack that thing. It would help if you tried these burgers.

Half French & Half Sweet Potato Fries $4

Half of excellent and half more impressive with an order of Half & Half Fries and Sweet Potato Fries from Big Buns, a new burger joint in Arlington, DC’s busy suburb. No burger can go without fries, especially when it’s an order like this. The best way is to go half and half of both — nice and crispy fries with perfect seasoning that doesn’t even need any dipping sauce. If you must, then try their super yummy herb ranch made in the house. Many places claim to have the best sweet potato fries, but sadly not many can deliver. Big Buns offers in a big way. They would make a perfect side order for your burger or maybe live on the edge and add top your burger with some. If you want to live crazy, then order some of their milkshakes and use that for french fry dipping.

Nutella Milkshake

Secret agents eat from this secret menu like this Nutella Milkshake from a fun new burger place, Big Buns in Arlington, Virginia. White Nutella milkshake? Who cares! It’s DELICIOUSLY AMAZING! Extremely rich with Nutella flavors and yet not too much. It’s so rich and thick that I just switched from a straw to a spoon. Oh, yea, I spooned it instead of sucking! And we are big fans of sucking ;). This is a must-try for sure! Plus, for just $5, you get a whole lot of shake goodness. Make sure to ask for this by name as it might not be listed on their main menu. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp
4401 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22203