Sesame Chicken from Big Bowl

I like Big Bowls and Can Not Lie @ Big Bowl


Chicken Pot Stickers $5

Lunch with pot and stickers. It’s always great when a very nomnom dish is also free. All thanks to the great foursquare reword we got for check-ins. Every lunch must start with these. Amazing appetizers with some very nomnom dipping sauces. I recommend trying each one. I like to cut my potstickers so the sauce can get to the meat.

Sesame Chicken $9

Let’s go simple and easy, especially when you can’t decide between so many nomnom things on the menu. I enjoyed the light flavor of the chicken. In some places, Sesame chicken can be over-sauced, but this one was just right. Very light amount. A nice and very simple dish that you can never go wrong with. Especially if you love Sesame Chicken.

Seven Flavor Crispy Beef $15

7 is better than 1, and I just had to order it because of the name and test the seven flavor thing. I’m not really sure if I pick up all the seven flavors, but I did pick up how nomnom this was. I love crispy things, and this was a great order. Even the greens tasted very nomnom.