Chef's Stations at Top Chef Tour in Eastern Market Washington DC

I am Guest Judge on Top Chef National Tour!

This above and beyond exiting, I was invited as a guest judge on Top Chef Tour at their stop in Eastern Market, Washington DC. At this event, two former Top Chef Carla Hall and Chef Ariane Duarte participants face head to head at a Quickfire-style challenge. Carla Hall is our local Chef and Ariane Duarte from Season 5 from New Jersey. The judges got a chance to try food prepared by the two chefs. We are very thankful to our friends at the Foodspotting who were media partners with the tour.

Judges Table

The judge’s table is nicely placed in the middle of the stage, with both chef’s stations located on both sides. I got the pleasure of sitting with other judges representing Washington DC.

Chef Carla Hall (4/5 NOMs)

Representing Washington DC is the local famous Chef Carla Hall. Carla Hall was on the fifth and eighth seasons of Top Chef.

Chef Ariane Duarte (5/5 NOMs)

Meeting Nomster Fans

We were delighted to meet a large group of Nomster fans who follow NOM NOM Boris.

Top Chef