Hula Girl Sampler Plate from Hula Girl Truck

Sample the Joy with Our Favorite Food Truck @ Hula Girl Food Truck in DC

Hula Girl Sampler

Sample the joy with Hula Girl Sampler from our most favorite hula Girl Food Truck in Washington DC. Double love, they recognized me and were very thankful for the last review I posted. Always great to be famous, haha. I love this order because you get all of their super nomnom meats like pulled pork, beef, and chicken. Their rice is amazing and goes so well with the meat sauce. I would get extra rice next time. Not an expensive dish for $12 with such a large portion. You must try this at least once, so you got to run after it if you see this truck.

Spam Musubi

That’s no email! A popular Hawaiian quick snack? Yes, I got to try t! An interesting snack with grilled spam wrapped in rice and seaweed. Kind of like rectangular sushi with a bit of extra weird added to it. I really enjoyed this new little snacky nom. Though few of my friends thought I was weird, hehe, which is common anyway. / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp
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