Boris Savitskiy and Rex You Wu at HRC National Dinner 2018

HRC National Dinner Galla 2018

These social butterflies are super excited as we got a chance to attend the Human Rights Campaign’s National Dinner Gala in Washington DC Convention Center. Every tear HRC hosts a gala/events in major cities and members, supporters, and corporate sponsors to rally behind civil rights. National Dinner was our very first to attend one of the main LGBTQ+ and Civil Rights events of the year. During this event, you get a chance to win a car, bid on auction items, and buy some art. All proceedings go to day-to-day operations and the political activities of the event.

We attended because loud and proud is extremely important. Visibility is essential to show those who hate that we won’t go into hiding. The land of a free is for everyone and not a few selected people. This organization is vital for LGBTQ+, allies, and everyone else who might have a gay friend and relative. As an individual, it cost about $250 to attend. We attended the event for free as part of Oracle’s corporate sponsor delegation.

About Human Rights Campaign

“The Human Rights Campaign is the leading national advocacy organization working for the equal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Americans through education, research, and political activities. The HRC National Dinner brings together more than 3,600 HRC members, friends, families, and allies for an evening of celebration and inspiration. Featuring a cocktail reception, an extensive silent and live auction, an elegant dinner, live entertainment, and thought-provoking speakers and guests, the HRC National Dinner attracts the nation’s top figures in entertainment and politics. The event was held at the Washington Convention Center, 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001.” source


The vent starts at 4:30 when people must register and go through security, which is a must for any big and important event like the HRC National Dinner. The event starts with a general reception where you can see displays by various corporate sponsors like Macy’s, a photobooth by Wells Fargo, and more. Also, you can see art that was donated to the event by the artists and available for purchase.

Vice President Joe Biden Speech

Vice President Joe Biden delivered a beautiful and touching speech that brought many to tears. Make sure to watch the rest of his speech.

Eric Holder Speech

Anne Hathaway Speech

Anne Hathaway was awarded the 2018 National Ally for Equality Award. She delivered a powerful message as a straight ally and sister of a gay brother.

Dinner & Drinks

The gala is a multi-course foodie event with starters, entrees, desserts, and of course, drinks. There are some bars where you can open any cocktail or drink you would like throughout the event. The corporate sponsor tickets come with two free drinks, and others will need to purchase a drink ticket. Also, each table had several free bottles of wine for us to enjoy.

The dinner starts with a salad, which is more of half a cabbage head with some cheese and tomatoes. The salad didn’t look so impressive but surprisingly tasted good and healthy. For an entree, we got chicken with mashed potatoes and some veggies. Overall the dish was just fine and needed some more seasoning. It didn’t leave much of an impression on our taste buds. The dinner ended with a nice and light dessert that was already on a table with the starter when we got there. Now that made an impression. Just in case we needed extra sweetness, there were a few boxes of Hershey’s kisses.


As with any charitable event, people could bid on to win some different items. Let’s say a few bidding wars definitely were ongoing—fun things from mixers, jewelry, wines to a large supply of kind bars.


A portion of the event is dedicated to the corporate sponsors who provide political and financial support for the organization that empowers and support its employees.

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