Homemade Thai Tea Ice Cream @ Charm Thai in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

Whaa Devine in Every Spoon, Home Made Thai Tea Ice Cream

Thai Ice Tea is one of those amazing things we love, and now we can enjoy it as ice cream from Charm Thai, a cute little restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring. When we started talking about the dessert options, the waiter was very excited to tell us about their brand new homemade ice cream. It was very adorable how happy she was telling us about it, so we just had to try it. We really enjoyed the flavor, and it tasted just like Thai tea. Very smooth and sweet, yet not overly too sugary. The serving is pretty big and enough to share with a few friends. However, we won’t blame you if you decide to eat it all by yourself. Great way to end the dinner noming. They took the homemade even further with adorable handmade labels. That kind of an effort shows how proud they are of their yummy new nomnom. Local ice cream shops should fear because they have some competition now.

www.mycharmthai.com / Facebook / Yelp
8408 A Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910