Dorito Crusted Mac n Cheese from PBR Rock Bar

Holy Dorito Crusted Mac n Cheese @ PBR Rock Bar

Dorito Crusted Mac n Cheese $5

Dorritos for brunch on Vegas Trip. Whenever I encounter a weird food experiment, I just have to try it. This is like mixing my two favorite things! Doritos and Mac n Cheese. Overall the dish was good, but not amazing. I wish there were more Doritos mixed with Mac n Cheese. I want the whole thing to be orange! Most likely, if I come back, this is a one-time order dish for me.

Breakfast Burrito $10

Let’s have a giant Vegas Strip brunch. Dam, that thing is ginormous. I was shocked by how big this burrito was. However, the size was the only surprise in there. While a lot is going inside, it was a bit weak—it tasted kind of bland to me. I do give them high points for adding a crazy amount of bacon!