Gyro Plater from Original Ambrosian

Gyro Platter $11 @ Original Ambrosia in Rockville (CLOSED)

It might take some jaw unhinging or complex mouth joggling to fit it all in. The essential part about gyro is the meat, and this pace does not disappoint. Meat is nice and thick, yet very soft. Go with a platter so you can get more of your noming with two sides. Picked the best of two worlds, fries and onion rings. French fries were nice and thick, just the way we like them. Went great with cucumber sauce. The only thing that was kind of disappointed was just three onion rings. Just not enough to satisfy this onion ring lover. Next time won’t be adding that to my gyro platter. Overall great dish, our second favorite in town, and I’m so coming back for more gyro goodies.