Chicken Liver Pate from 8407 Kitchen Bar

Great Late Night Treats with Drinks and Eats @ 8407 Kitchen Bar (CLOSED)

Chicken Liver Pate $7

Late-night drinks and pate spread in one of the best restaurants in Downtown Silver Spring, DC foodie suburbs. This was probably one of the best pates we’ve ever tasted. So soft and light with fantastic flavor. Silence will fall on your table because you will want to enjoy every single bite. Expect lots of moaning sounds as your tongue enjoys this. The nomnom is served on crunchy grilled bread—a nice large serving in a fresh jar. Make sure to ask for extra bread. Not enough bread, and you know you got to continue to enjoy this. This is a must-order starter dish here.

Buttermilk Fried Calamari $11

We are exploring the land of amazing small dishes and appetizers like calamari here in Down Town Silver Spring, DC’s suburban. It’s all about the fried claiming. As soon as we eat one, we are going for another and five more. I tasted so good I couldn’t stop eating it. I had such a unique fresh flavor that it just won over our taste buds and made our tummy super happy. You get a whole lot of big calamari rings. I didn’t expect so much that even two had trouble finishing. Served with a sweet-spicy dipping sauce, but there is so much flavor already from seasoning that you don’t need any. A great dish to enjoy with few drinks or maybe while you wait for more food.

Farm Fresh Deviled Eggs $4

Ordering something we love, deviled eggs at one of the top restaurants in Down Town Silver Spring, DC foodie suburb. Everything was going so well until this happened. Sometimes love hurts in Down Town Silver Spring, a foodie paradise here in DC’s suburban neighborhood. We love deviled eggs, it’s one of our weaknesses, so I just had to order it. It just tasted like something was missing. It could have been a lack of flavor or that there is just a tiny little bit of bacon on a side that didn’t even taste like bacon. Or that you only get three deviled eggs. That is such a strangely odd number to get. Where did the other half of the egg go? Defiantly not something I would order again. They still have lots of other tasty dishes to try so that I will be back.

Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream

By the power of Greyskull, this is f**ing fantastic dessert at the top restaurant in Down Town Silver Spring, DC. How in the world did they make it taste just like caramel popcorn? It was as if I’m eating a bag at the movie but in a sweet soft, ice-creamy form. It just blew our minds. This is one dessert you eat slowly, so slow that time might stop because you want to enjoy every little bit of it. I like how it comes with some freshly made popcorn. One of the most nomnom desserts we’ve had in a while. Great for any foodie adventure or a date. Sadly not available every day and was a chef’s special dessert of the day. If you are lucky to catch this, ORDER IT!!!