Butterfinger Cupcake Cup @ Gourmet Grab & Go Los Angeles California

Grabbing Lunch at Universal Park Gourmet Grab & Go

Roasted Turkey Brie Croissant Sandwich

Before the best roller coaster rides, enjoy an excellent thick Roasted Turkey Brie Croissant Sandwich in a Universal Studio Park Cafe in Los Angeles, California. Who would have known that Universal Park Studio would have a quite lovely cafe in a French-themed street with quite a nice croissant sandwich? What did it for us is the beautiful thick piece of brie cheese? It so soft and flavorful that it combined high with several layers of roasted turkey. Even though it’s one giant croissant sandwich, it didn’t feel too heavy or too dry. Just biding into this massive thing required an effort, but one super tasty effort that made it all worth it — served with a nice portion of some delicious grapes—a perfect way to start the day off. The great flavor and texture combination made us very happy and ready to go on some roller coaster rides. Minion rush, here we come!

Butterfinger Cupcake Cup

Sugar out on a cupcake candy bar in a cup with Butterfinger Cupcake from a Universal Studio Park cafe in California. Didn’t have high expectation, but this dessert was quite tasty. It tasted just like a standard order from a specialty cupcake place you can find all over town. It was only so rich with butter-finger flavors that we couldn’t finish it without going into an ultimate sugar coma. I love that it comes in a cup, so we can easily enjoy it with a spoon on the go while looking for our next roller coaster ride.