Ginger Minj Drag Queen Superstar Comes to DC

This hungry gay boy can barely contain the excitement of meeting one of my favorite drag queens out there, Ginger Minj from Season 7 of RuPaul Drag Race. She is just as amazingly mesmerizing in person as she was on the show. You could feel the presence of a superstar as she walked on stage. She incorporates everything we love about drag, like glamor, music, comedy, and dancing. Not many queens can compare to her level of performance. One act doesn’t just last a length of a song. Oh no, one song can not contain her, and every act included several mixed songs. You can also truly see how much she loves entertaining people as you see pure joy and the smile you see on her face. She might not be on RuPaul All-Star Season 2 anymore, but she is a winner in our hearts! Make sure to watch our video of her performance at Town’s Big Girl Night, and there were shirtless boys, Adele, and whip cream.

“I’m short, I’m a squad, I have no neck, I’m not the prettiest of people in regular life,
but damn it, I will do my best to look beautiful”

I’ll be your Natasha, Meet and Greet with Fans

During meet and greet, after hearing my name Boris she volunteered to be my Natasha. Now with a spying partner like that, no mission would fail. Moose and Squirrel would never have won the day!! Confused? Welcome to what I been hearing for the past 15 years living in USA, you can watch an episode here.

She appears near you very soon, so really, there is no excuse not to see her. Check out all the upcoming tour dates for more information.

If you get a chance, you must also meet and greet for two excellent reasons once you get in an hour earlier than all the commoners with a small number of people to grab some of the best seats ever. We’ve been to Town Dance Club so many times and never had the first-row season. It brings lots of bills, and the first row is expected to tip. That’s how drag queens get their wigs. Second, you get to meet the amazing Ginger Minj in all her glory and snap a picture with her. I recommend doing something a bit more fun than stand there as we did. Few people struck a fun pose or even took a selfie. Careful girl, they are on a schedule so that the photographer will try to literary push you off the stage. Land safely!

Happy Birthday Queen!

It was also Ginger Minj’s 21st birthday!!! 😉 😉 No birthday can go without a song and some yummy cake, which she fed to other queens because, ladies, there is no such thing as too much cake. My big question is, was it her favorite kind of cake?

Town Drag Queens + Big Girl Night

Even the drag queens we are used to seeing and loving in town raised it to the next level. The performance was a lot more engaging and fun. Loved the bit with whip cream and shirtless man. After all, who doesn’t like liking some whipped cream off a nice chest? It combines two favorite things food and hot guys! If you have never been to a drag show, you must start at Town Danceboutique, one of the main LGBTQ dance clubs in the DC area. They host drag shows every Friday 18+ and Saturday 21+ at 10:30 pm. There is even a drag bingo on Fridays from 6 pm during Bear Happy Hour.

Dance Gurl

Of course, we made sure to stay after the show for some great music and dance the night away. I even got hit on while dancing but lost the guy somewhere along with the way, silly drunk boys. No worries, there is always next time. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram
2009 8th St NW, Washington, DC 20001