Bacon Egg Cheese Waffle from WickedWaffle

Get Wicked with These Waffles in Downtown DC @ WickedWaffle

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Waffle $5

Have a wicked morning. Not much can beat starting your day with some delicious waffles, even better when there is BACON! I love their waffles prepared perfectly, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with gooey cheesy egg deliciousness in the middle. You can really taste the bacon and American cheeseā€”a great way to start the day (breakfast until 11 am). I’m super excited that they are now open on Saturdays!

Nutella Waffle $7

Nutella is the 8th sin. Not sure there is anything to say other than NUTELLAAAAAA! Great dessert treats for all hungry nomsters with super nomnom chocolate hazelnut spread and powder sugar. Sugar might make you look like you have been doing coke. Not far from it, so good it’s like they put drugs in there. Their Nutella is imported from Europe in big jugs, and this is what we call Boris Size Ginourmouse jugs. It’s a must-try dish.