The Blume Sandwich from Brooklyn's Deli Rockville

Get that Messy Sandwich Goodness from Brooklyn’s Deli in Rockville

The Blume Sandwich

What the pile? Needed to satisfy some messy sandwich noming with The Blume Sandwich from Brooklyn’s Deli in Rockville, DC suburb. That is one very well-packed pile of sandwich goodness. First, bite in, and things start falling off, and your whole face is covered in greasy, messy things! Sometimes you want to get messy to enjoying something great. This will satisfy that craving, and make sure to have extra napkins to clean yourself up. It will get everywhere, face, shirt, and pants. All worth it! It’s a flavor explosion with the soft and savory meaty combination. It’s all about the meat here with hot pastrami and kosher hot dog. It is topped with melted swiss cheese and super tasty coleslaw. They sure love coleslaw at this deli. Not a cheap sandwich, but a lot is going on in there, and you are paying for it. So much going on in that mess, but you can still taste everything and enjoy each great topping. Make sure to ask for extra napkins, and you will need them. Omg, so much food, while not cheap for $14, you have enough food for more than one meal. It’s probably a good idea to only eat half; eating the whole thing will ensure to place you into a food coma.

Goldberg Sandwich $12

Its meat sandwich overflow in my mouth. Get ready for some Brooklyn-style sandwiches right here in DC metro area Rockville. They truly master our favorite kind of sandwich, the messy pile of crazy slobbering. Bite into it, and you can taste giant pieces of roast beef meat with mozzarella cheese all over. Things can get messy here, and things start to pop out and cover your whole face with all the tasty things. Make sure to get extra napkins to clean up. Like most sandwiches here, they put lots of yummy coleslaw on top. We rarely like coleslaw, but here they got it just right. So hard not to finish the whole thing, but beware, they are cumbersome and might just put you in food coma heaven—one of our to-go places for sandwiches.