FUNGUY Fried Chicken Sandwich from PLNT Burger in Downtown Silver Spring

Fried Chicken Sandwich You Won’t Believe Meatless at PLNT Burger


Our favorite vegan burger place, PLNT Burger in Silver Spring, is on a roll with a new 2020 menu that features a Fried Chicken Sandwich. PLNT Burger’s motto is “Eat the Change.” We are happy to keep on eating it! Earlier this year, the restaurant released brand new chili and hot dogs with Beyond Meat products. Did we mention the fantastic burgers, fries, and milkshakes? Now Chef Spike Mendelsohn and Chef Michael Colletti are upping their nomnom game with an original creation: a vegan Fried Chicken Sandwich that we want in our hungry bellies. The big names like KFC, Popeyes, and Chick-fil-A better watch out. There is a new flavor in town, and those chains should be put on notice.

We were very excited to be invited to the media event for the official unveiling of this new Fried Chicken Sandwich, FUNGUY. This time we brought our Chief Vegetarian Officer Jamey Sadownick (@Jamey_Sadownick) for a taste test. PLNT Burger also released three new drinks you can enjoy with every meal. We tried it all and, of course, gave all the NOMs scores below. Our only question to the chefs: is pork next?

FUNGUY Fried Chicken Sandwich (4/5 NOMs)

PLNT Burger is well known for its amazing Beyond Meat burgers, chili, and hot dogs, but the FUNGUY Fried Chicken Sandwich is a new tasty creation that might win over your taste buds. From the first bite, we could not believe this sandwich was meatless. How could it be so juicy and flavorful when it’s not real meat, Beyond Meat, or Impossible Foods? It’s all because the patty is made from a base of oyster mushrooms, which naturally taste like chicken. Even after the chef told us that, believing the “chicken” was made from a mushroom was still tricky.

The sandwich comes with Shmidt’s potato bun, vegan mayo, and Swiss chard. We were pleasantly surprised by the strong pickle flavor that complimented this sandwich. The patty flavor and texture resemble more of a chicken thigh than a chicken breast. That’s fine with us because we are more into thighs anyway ;). After finishing the whole sandwich, we noticed this is much lighter than the hearty, fill-you-to-the-max DBL PLNT Burger. We could’ve quickly eaten another. And we did. DBL PLNT Burger is still our favorite nomnom here, but it’s great to have another tasty alternative. This meat lover and our vegetarian friend would recommend this sandwich to our vegan, vegetarian, and meat lover nomsters.

Double Chicken Patty (4/5 NOMs)

Our motto is, go double or go home! One patty is never truly enough for hungry size queens like us. So we asked if the chefs could double the patty in Fried Chicken Sandwich! After all, the DBL PLNT Burger tastes so much better because of its two parties. We did the same when ordering the vegan Impossible Whopper from Burger King for the second time. One thing we learned is that you should always trust your hungry ideas. Just like with the Whopper, this was a great nomnom! The flavors were so much more pronounced and so juicy. We’d highly recommend going double on your next visit.

Chicken? Mushroom!

This meatless chicken patty is made from the bottom part of oyster mushrooms which already have a natural chicken-like flavor and texture. These mushrooms come from a farm in the Kennett Square area in Chester County, Pennsylvania. That area is considered to be the mushroom capital of the world, as it is where 50 – 60% of all mushrooms in the U.S. are produced. This might be an excellent alternative for those worried about how fake meats are processed. This sandwich is all mushroom, breading, and exceptional culinary skills.

Never forget the fries! (5/5 NOMs)

PLNT Burger’s regular and sweet potato fries are nothing new, but one can’t just go there and not order them up. They always start their media event with a whole lot of fries. We will never complain because these are some of the best in town.

New Drinks

Unveiling new drinks is something PLNT Burger has been teasing us with for a while. Now PLNT Burger finally revealed new menu additions: Strawberry Rhubarb Black Tea, Mandarin Cardamom Lemonade, and Blueberry Lemonade. The only way to tell your favorite is by drinking them all. So we taste-tested it, which is why we are here. Strawberry (4 NOms) and Blueberry (4 NOMs) were great, but the sweetness level was just nowhere near the Mandarin (5 NOMs). By now, you may know that we like our food like we like our men – very sweet. We usually don’t order non-cocktail drinks during our nomnom adventures. It’s still good to know we have a few extra options now.

Order Delivery

Great news for those who live too far from Whole Foods or are just lazy: You can now order your vegan burger right to your door on Uber Eats with a $1 delivery fee and a wait time of 15 to 25 minutes. You can also order delivery from Grubhub with free delivery, $5 off valid orders and 35 to 45 minutes wait time. Eating delicious vegan burgers, fries, chili, hot dogs, or fried chicken sandwiches has never been this easy.

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