Maine Lobster Roll from Red Hook Lobster Truck

Friday Food Truck Fun Day at Truckeroo 2011


Tacos @ TaKorean Truck

Taco time!!! It better be taco time after an hour of standing in line to order. You get to choose between three different proteins, and knowing us, we just went with all three Steak tacos, Tangy Chicken and Caramelized Tofu. They are known for making their tacos spicy, so make sure to ask for that extra kick. Great presentation, but the taste was a bit disappointing. Maybe I was expecting more for standing in line for so long. Could be because the spicy sauce overpowered all other flavors. Maybe too much of it this time. Might have to come back and try this again.

Maine Lobster Roll @ Red Hook Lobster Truck

Omg lobster truck is amazing!!! So good I almost bit my own hand. Fresh lobster served on a super soft bread roll. Just won me over in first bite. So worth the long wait and high price. Might have ruined me for all other lobster rolls in town. The great dish we enjoyed during Truckeroo 2011.

Cheezits Mac n Cheese @ CapMac Food Truck

Cheezits invasion of food trucks with Cheezits Mac n Cheese from the amazing CapMac Food Truck, DC’s food on wheals. Talk about cheesy!!! Extra cheese with a surprise of Cheez-it mixed right in it, on it and all around it. Now that is one way to win my Mac n Cheese heart with cheddar, pimento and cheez-it crumble. That is a lot of cheesy goodness for such a low price that would satisfy any hungry nomster on the go. A lot of time you can get very little food for a lot of money from a food truck, but not this time. This time get ready to have too much Mac n Cheese. You never knew its possible, but this time you might have to leave it for later. It can easily be split between two people. The great dish we enjoyed during Truckeroo 2011.

Wonky Dog @ EatWonky Truck

Get wonky crazy! Its a crazy poutine style beef frank hot dog topped with fries, gravy, and squeaky cheese. That is one super nomnom hot dog. It is very messy and kind of hard to eat, so get lots of napkins—a fun dish to try during Truckeroo 2011 event.

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