Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day 2016!

We are super excited for this year’s Free Comic Book Day at Alliance Comic in Silver Spring. It’s a day where many comic book stores are giving away free copies of comic books plus big discounts on other items. At this great comic book shop, you get a choice of three free comics from a special rack.

Our first pick was a Star Mission by Explore Comics with a hot guy and sci-fi cover. Hot guy and science fiction are two of our favorite things, and it looks like a completely new story we are happy to start with. The second choice is Suicide Squad with sexy Ivy by DC Comics because she looks so evil and sexy, which can be a deadly combination. Our third choice was ROM by IDW Publishing, which kind of looked like Silver Surfer and space robot. These were some great choices, with big names giving away free copies. It didn’t feel like they were dumping some cheap bad comics and instead gave us an introduction to some fun series.

Plus, with a nice 20% discount, we picked up Paper Girl by Image Comics because that super bright pink and yellow walkman cover just called out to us. Only found Issue #2, but it’s ok because we do not care since it’s so pink. We are a big Star Wars fan, so this was a perfect time to get into Vader Down by Marvel, let’s see dark sidekick some ass and spread the evil throughout the galaxy.

Alliance Comic is a great local store with a very friendly staff that will be happy to help you explore more comics. Free Comic Book Day was trendy, and a store was packed with children and adults. They did very well with managing traffic by having cash and card lines. So make sure to go to your local store and get some free comics as well as discounts. / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp
8317 Fenton Street Silver Spring MD 20910