Bacon Wrapped Dates from Founding Farmers MoCo

Founding Farmers Brining Their Amazing Food to MoCo


Perfect Appetizer Bacon Wrapped Dates

Wrap me in bacon and take me out on a date as long as we eat Bacon Wrapped Dates from our favorite Founding Farmers Restaurant in Rockville, DC’s family suburb! A great way to start your lunching is with anything wrapped in bacon. Especially when it’s little balls of dates goodness stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon goodness. First, bite in, and it’s an explosion of strong flavors with a hint of sweetness. It just blew my taste buds away. The only major issue with this order is that we ate it too fast! I would almost recommend ordering two orders because you will want seconds and not want to wait. Plus, it only costs $9, so you can easily enjoy a few of them. Yea, we are hungry like that and don’t want to share, really. They are pretty light, so you will have enough space to enjoy even more nom-nom dishes from this fantastic local restaurant.

Grilled Cheese and Clam Chowder $10

Mhhh, it’s double the gooey goodness with Grilled Cheese and Clam Chowder. Grill cheese sandwich was extremely cheesy gooey with three-cheese combo Gruyere, Cheddar, and Muenster. The only thing better than cheese is more cheese! Originally this order came with Tomato Soup, but they allow substitution with soup of the day. I’m happy, usually not a big fan of tomato soups.

Oven-Roasted Cracked Black Pepper Wings $9

WOW, these wings were amazing! It was like a perfect mix of sauce, seasoning, and grilled wings. Mhhhh, I so want to try this again. A must-try small plate appetizer. Great to share with friends or eat all by yourself. My mouth is watering just by looking at this picture.

Fried Chicken & Waffles $16

Holy nomster, it’s fried chicken with waffles, mac n cheese, and veggies in one dish! Did I accidentally ordered two dishes?? A great mix of weird things that you don’t usually find in one dish. I want to go back and try their 7 cheese Mac n Cheese.

Butternut Squash Soup $6

Keep yourself warm and fuzzy with a nice bowl of Butternut Squash Soup from our favorite Founding Farmers in Rockville, DC’s large suburbs. It made us feel all squishy on the inside. Get a spoonful of this extremely nomnom butternut squash soup. Seasoned to perfection, this is a great way to start your noming adventure. Very smooth light flavor with a slight after the kick. It comes with a giant crunchy bread that’s perfect for dipping into soup. I can totally go for this again.

Farmers Chips $9

What the chip! Those are not your weak bag chips, but super chips! I think these chips will ruin you for any other chip. Large and thick and crispy, now that the way to make your chips. Comes with three different fun dips, cheesy, honey mustard, and some green stuff. Why dip chips when you can also dip cheddar crisps. Entire chip made out of cheddar. That’s just a crazy world out there! Great to share for a large group.

True Chef Salad $15

That’s no salad, and I mean moon. Is this a salad or meat entree? Hard to tell since there is turkey, ham, prime rib. Pretty much half of the entire cabbage head with sauce and meat on top. Everything mixed made for a delicious salad meat dish. I love the addition of french dressing and Devil Egg. I can’t find many salads with devil egg in them. I guess a normal egg is not enough. Bring on the dark side! Warning, do not try to eat the whole thing. You will lose and only suffer. Make sure to try to eat half of it. I know it will be hard, even I could not stop until I felt sick. Just taste so good.

Prime Rib Dip Sandwich $17

Get dipping at lunch with Prime Rib Dip Sandwich from Founding Farmers, a New American restaurant in Potomac, DC’s fancy suburb. Mhhh, dipping well! Get ready for one massive sandwich with a thick layer of meaty goodness of prime rib. Very soft and tender and enhanced by au jus dipping sauce. Comes with their yummy fries. I can’t believe this is one sandwich! The thing is so massive that I was only able to finish half. They are made for a great lunch the next day. The only thing, they don’t give you the dipping sauce to take home. What made the experience so much better is our amazingly hot waiter.

Frisco Burger $12

Please give me all your patties. Juicy meaty goodness with bacon, avocado, white cheddar, and Louie dressing on top of fluffy buns. Pretty good solid burger, but not overly impressive. It was missing that WOW factor that each dish at Founding Farmers has. I still love this place and will be back, especially for Bacon Lollipops. / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Yelp
12505 Park Potomac Ave Potomac, MD 20854