Almond Chocolate Cake @ McGinty's in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland

Fancy Food at Irish Pub @ McGinty’s in Downtown Silver Spring

Black Kale Salad (5/5 NOMs)

Serve up a healthy brunch with Black Kale Salad from McGinty’s, an Irish pub in Down Town Silver Spring, Maryland. This is quite a unique and fun salad for a place that is just a pub, don’t let that fool you. They serve up some of the best dishes in the neighborhood. We don’t often order salads, but when we go, we go all out. A great mix of vegetable and sweet flavors with black kale, strawberries, apples, candied pecans, and salted ricotta cheese. There wasn’t too much ricotta, so it added a nice light hint to the overall dish so the rest of the tasty things could still shine through. The salad doesn’t come with any meat on it, but you can easily add Grilled Chicken, which would still keep it healthy—a huge serving for just $9, one of the cheapest brunch dishes out there. There is enough to satisfy any hungry nomster. Having such a healthy brunch is great because now we can have an extra drink and dessert!

Almond Chocolate Cake (5/5 NOMs)

Treat yourself to an unlikely surprise of Almond Chocolate Cake from McGinty’s, an Irish pub with amazing food in Down Town Silver Spring on Red Line. Every time we come here either for dinner or brunch, we are reminded it’s not just a local bar but also a restaurant with some of the best food in the area. Who would have thought a pub serves such a beautiful and elegant-looking dessert by Chef Nico Amroune. I love the bold colors and powder sugar, a great presentation that made us even more excited to nom on it. It’s a super moist and smooth almond chocolate cake topped with fruity orange sorbet. Great flavor and texture combined with dense chocolate and light orange. Not pricey dessert at all for just $6. With so much flavor and quality, you might think you are eating at a five-star restaurant. It’s not big enough to share with a friend or two. After all, good things like this are meant to be shared. / Facebook / Twitter / Yelp
911 Ellsworth Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20910