Black Tiger Sushi Roll $12 @ Sushi Plus in Redwood City California

Enjoying Highly Recommended Sushi Spot, Sushi Plus, in Redwood City California

Black Tiger Sushi Roll $12

Enjoy a wild dinner adventure with Black Tiger Sushi Roll from Sushi Plus in Redwood City, a San Francisco suburb. One wonderful roll that just called out our name we-we saw it ordered by the table next to us. Sure is a beautiful sushi roll with all the weaving red and green colors. Comes with a thick piece of eel on the inside and fatty salmon on the outside covered in a barbecue sauce, fish eggs, and seaweed salad. Nice and sizable rolls that might require some extra work to fit in your mouth. However, all that work is worth it with great flavor and texture combination. Even with so much going on, the eel is a true star of this dish. Very happy that we decided to make this extra order

Super Dragon Sushi Roll $14

Use superpower to slay this dragon for dinner a Super Dragon Roll from Sushi Plus, a Japanese restaurant in Redwood City, San Francisco Bay Area suburb. Like a dragon, this sushi roll packs a punch with some great topping combinations like Snow Crab, Deep Fried Shrimp covered with Unagi sauce, Avocado, Kani, and special sauce. Love how much snow crab in there, pretty much the majority of the roll. Great combination of soft and thick texture with spicy kick and crunch. Defiantly made this one of our favorite rolls to satisfy any hungry sushi lover. With so much in it, this is a very heavy sushi roll that could fill you up on its own.