Brunch Burger from Bobby's Burger Palace

Eating Through the Burger Heaven @ Bobby’s Burger Palace

K Onion Burger

Koreans are coming with crazy burgers. One of their most popular orders, and it didn’t disappoint. The burger patty was juicy, and the Honey BBQ sauce real added a nice flavor. Onion ring + Bacon is a great mix. The top bun was weirdly off from the rest of the burger. Partially because they make their buns in-house, they packed a lot into this small burger with lettuce, honey BBQ sauce, golden crispy onion ring, beef patty, American cheese, whole wheat bun, tomato, and bacon. That’s a lot of stuff. Got to come back and try more.

Brunch Burger

brunch for dinner? You can never go wrong with Bacon and Fried Egg! Those are like the best and simplest burger toppings. And, of course, I had to crucify my burger.

Nacho Burger $7

Burger no burger. I don’t know. It seemed kind of weak and flimsy. Funny, a random customer neighbor said, “wow, that is just flimsy.” I needed more sauce for sure! The meat party was so small compared to the buns, and it was just off. I was surpassingly disappointed for BBP. This location just opened, and so they might not get everything set yet. I still love you, Bobby, and will come back for more.

LA Burger $8

it’s so beautiful!! Its nomnom avocado relish goodness burger. I crunched it up with some chips for no extra fee. Great burger, you should try it.

Bobby Blue Burger $8

oh, Bobby, you, Bluefield. Simple and yet one of the best burgers! I love how juicy the meat patty is, just drenched in solid and flavorful blue cheese. Bacon is always a must for any of my burgers.

Dallas Burger Crunchified $8

We are traveling to Dallas. They deliver yet another great burger drenched in cheesy goodness, BBQ sauce, and crucified on top. I love that I can get crunchy any burger for free. Things get weird with coleslaw on top.

Coconut Milkshake $5

Bobby’s milkshakes bring all hungry nomsters to the yard! Oh, this was deliciously coconutty. I recommend exploring their selection, and this one is very light and not too much taste.

Pistachio Milkshake $5

I’m going pistachio on you!!! That is one pistachio flavor-strong milkshake. So smooth and tasty. The only issue with it, it’s not bottomless. I drank it too fast

Onion Rings $3

Beer it up! I can’t pass up on some beer-battered onion rings. These are super ginormous rings.