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Eating My Way Through Best of Washington Top 100 Restaurants

Welcome to the Best of Washington, where food and glamour come together! One of the year’s top food events in DC. Where Washingtonian Magazine selects top 100 restaurants in DC, and its readers gather under one roof. We got to try some amazing and unique dishes during this big event. Plus, half the fun was dressing up with so many people complimenting our cute outfit. 🙂

Pate @ Riggsby (4 NOMs)

It is time for some fun bite-size nom noms like this Pate snack from Riggsby. Crunchy bread cracker topped with some duck pate and sweet apple pury. Made for a great first dish we tried at the event.


Tira Mi Choux @ Centrolina (6 NOMs)

Who said you couldn’t start your dinner with a dessert, especially when it’s a Tira Mix Choux, aka dessert sandwich from Centrolina. Ahh, the cream puff filled with light and sweet Ducey coffee mousse. It made me go all puffy excited over this. So smooth and soft it was pure joy eating it with chocolate espresso sauce. We could totally go for a few more of these. We loved it so much that our standard rating could not contain it.

Chocolate Truffles Shot @ Et Voila (5 NOMs)

Now that is the best kind of a shot when it comes with some tasty chocolate truffles. It’s three different kinds of truffles served up in a glass. It makes for a great and easy way to enjoy on the go. Some yummy Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Dark / White Chocolate.


Hot Dogs @ Haute Dogs & Fries (4 NOMs)

Bite into the goodness of these hot dogs with a spicy kick to them. Even with all the toppings, it was a very light dish that didn’t fill us up, so we had plenty of space for more food. The sausage was very long and went great with the spicy sriracha topping. It stayed true to the hot dogs and was one very messy nom nom.


Fritters Nibbles @ Convivial (4 NOMs)

Small bites can have big flavors like Fritter’s Nibbles, such a flavorful dish. Just fell in love with the prosciutto, cracker, and sauce. Ahhh, the dry rub seasoning tasted great. Now quickly distract them so we can steal a few more.


Cream Filled Doughnut @ Astro Doughnuts (4 NOMs)

Unleash the sugar rush in you with Astro Doughnuts. We were very excited to try Cream Filled Doughnut because this place has been on our To-Do list for a while. There is a whole lot of good sweetness on the outside and creamy sweetness on the inside. Even after eating this delightful dessert, you don’t feel like you just consumed thousands of calories.


Cured Salmon @ Ardeo Bardeo (4 NOMs)

After all the heavy food we had, it was nice to enjoy something light like this Cured Salmon dish. The combination of salmon with veggies and thin pita cracker. It tasted just as light as it looked.


Creamy Soup @ Iron Gate (4 NOMs)

Open the gate and bring out the creamy goodness of soup. Very refreshing to see the restaurant serving up something different. Very creamy and chilled soup served with some tree nuts and caviar. It made for a refreshing break from other dishes.


Pate @ Nopa Kitchen (4 NOMs)

This was the year of pate dishes at Best of Washington, and this one set itself apart with the addition of savory and sweet in one place. What sets this one apart is the great combination of savory and sweet flavors with a nice crunchy texture. Having these three quiet profiles helps make this one of our favorite dishes. It also helped that it was bigger in size. Some other dishes were starting to feel a bit small for big hungry nomsters like us.


Chicharron Slider @ Peruvian Brothers (4 NOMs)

Food trucks get represented at this restaurant even with some tasty sliders. I love all the spicy sauces you can add for that extra kick. Plus, one of the brothers was there, and he was super sexy, made us hungry, not just for his food ;).


Sweet Potato Cake @ DC Sweet Potato Cakes (4 NOMs)

We are no strangers to the DCSP as they are now in all the Starbucks locations in the DC metro area. With no surprise, they taste so good and flavorful. Plus, the super nice ladies from the place loved Nomster and my outfit. Each cake has a great balance between sweet potatoes and sugary sweetness. So neither is too much and yet carry great flavor combination together. So if you haven’t tried yet, then go and bite in.


Oriole Bagel @ Bullfrog Bagels (5 NOMs)

Ahh, this was one very messy goodness bite of Brisket Bagel Sandwich from Bullfrog Bagels. They won our hearts and tummies with the brisket and fatty adds perfect bagel.


Cotton Candy Ball @ Bantam King (4 NOMs)

Get ready to get your mind and flavor buds blown away with Granola Stuffed Cotton Candy Balls. That’s right, the fun folks at Bantam King, while dressed in Totoro Onesies, were making cotton candy for everyone with some granola stuffing. Such a fun dish and not something we would have expected. Well done!


Pork Belly Wrap @ Mokomandy (5 NOMs)

You, this size queen, are excited, ben there is a big slap of meat. I love how big and thick the pork belly with some marinated spicy veggies. After all, we need some more greens in our lives, so it comes served as letter wrap. This is one of those dishes you might lick your fingers.


Lemon Mousse @ Black Market Bistro (4 NOMs)

I’m getting all creamy all over with this great Lemon Mousse. Normally I am not a big fan of lemon desserts, but this one really captured my taste buds. The flavor was very light, and the main focus of our enjoyment was the smooth texture.


Grilled Squid @ The Royal (5 NOMs)

Hello there, you look so good that I want to eat you up! Now, this is a dish that is worth a corny pickup line. The dish that both serves great presentation and a whole lot of flavor. I love the squid and veggie combination.


Bagne @ Graffiato (5 NOMs)

The best way to end this foodie adventure is with some fried goodness like Bagne from Graffiato. So good to see one of our favorite restaurants represented in Best of Washington.


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