Dupont Poutine Fries from Bar Dupont

Dupont Poutine Fries $9 @ Bar Dupont in Dupont Circle

We are going all Canadian for our happy hour with a perfect dish for drinking the Dupont Poutine Fries from Bar Dupont in Dupont Circle, DC’s rainbow neighborhood. Holy fries, I’m not sure what is going on here, but this fantastic! Our very first time is trying Canadian Poutine Fries dish. This is a whole new level to loaded fries. It comes with gravy and big chunks of gruyere and cheese curd. Anything with sauce is excellent! I love everything about it! A beautiful and heavy appetizer that is perfect for helping you drink more. It is a great dish to share with friends, and since it’s messy, it comes with few large wooden sticks. This dish alone is enough of a reason to go here. Not sure many places in DC serve these Canadian-style fries, but glad there is at least one place that does. I say you haven’t had fries until you tried these.

We don’t often write about service, but for whatever reason, the waiter checked upon us a few times at first and then stopped. When she did come, there was a very long wait between us. Not good since we were a group that could have ordered a lot more. You might just as well go to the bar area and order from the bartender. Even that should not stop you from checking out this place and ordering some Poutine Fries.