Tacos Al Carbon Adobo Chicken & Beef $39 @ El Vez Philadelphia

Drinks and Late Night fun with Meaty NOMs @ El Vez in Philadelphia

Macho Nachos $13

The Lucha libremacho style appetizer, the Macho Nachos from El Vez, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Market East, Philadelphia nightlife neighborhood. All I want to do is scream MACHOOO NACHOS! In nachos, it’s all about the meat and cheese, and these were the macho amounts of both. I love all the delicious chorizo with smoked chile salsa, crema fresca, two kinds of cheese, white cheddar, and Monterey Jack. Chips on their own tasted great and could easily be enjoyed with any dip, but of course, we are going MACHOOO NACHOS tonight. Nice and gooey with all that cheese, it was perfectly prepared with a lot of texture and flavor in each bite — a great way to start your foodie adventure with few drinks with friends before the main course.

Tacos Al Carbon Adobo Chicken & Beef $39

Taco fun time for late-night dinner with Tacos Al Carbon Adobo Chicken & Beef for two from El Vez, a Mexican Restaurant in Philadelphia. Nothing beats enjoying a nice meal with a ton of meat choices for us to pick. We went with Adobo Chicken and Beef. Oh, my was there a lot of meat and grilled veggies. Every taco we build tasted so good it was pure joy. They have hard shell tacos, which is always so exciting for us! A great and filling meal for your night on the town and some drinks. Fun note, there is a sex shop right around the corner!