Dozen Empanadas from Panas

Dozen Empanadas @ Panas

When we order, we go dozen or nothing. Got to try all their nomnom flavor. Sadly to our disappointment, you can only order 3 flavors at a time per order. So we got Shrimp, Carne, and Chipotle Steak flavored. It was very, very nomnom! My fav was Shrimp & Carne.

Carne (CA)

Beef, green olives, Spanish peppers, hard-boiled eggs, onions, and parsley.

Chipotle Steak (CS)

Shredded sirloin steak, onions with spicy chipotle sauce.

Samba Shrimp (SS)

Brazilian style, shrimp cooked in palm oil, shredded coconut, cilantro, onions, red and green peppers. — with Samba Shrimp (SS) and Chipotle Steak (CS).

Empanadas Combo #2

I’m going all panas over empanadas. Welcome to the new world of empanadas! A great new place opened up in Dupont Circle. It’s nomnom a lunch or dinner snack. Can you see, there are letters on them for what they are! You can choose between different combos to get the most out of your order. I went with combo #2 and got 4 empanadas, guacamole, sauces, and soda. Great value for a great price!