Double-Smoked Bacon Breakfast Sandwich @ Starbucks Silver Spring

Starbucks Going Double with New Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Get double excited for a brand new breakfast sandwich player in town, Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich from Starbucks. Very happy to try this brand new breakfast option that was quietly rolled out in most Starbucks locations. Very similar to our favorite and regular Slow-Roasted Ham & Swiss sandwich. It comes on butty soft and crunchy croissant bread. Even with all this bread, you can taste the egg, cheddar cheese, and bacon. Crazy bacon lovers like us require a bit more bacon. It still left us wanting for more and a bit hungry. Think if there was not 2, but maybe 4 or 6 pieces of bacon, it would taste so much better. Of course, with croissant makes it a far less healthy breakfast, but who cares about that. MORE BACON!!! It also kind of came out smushed and looked small. It could be just a presentation. I’m sure the calory count was not small, but it’s not something we look at in the morning Not a bad breakfast, and we still enjoyed it, just not as good as our favorite Starbuck’s breakfast order of Slow-Roasted Ham & Swiss.