Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad from Trio

Double Protean, Double the Meat Salad for Gay Boys @ Trio in Dupont

Time to add some greens to your diet with a whole lot of meat with Roasted Turkey Cobb Salad from Trio Restaurant in DuPont, the fabulous gay neighborhood. Can’t have greens without the best part like bacon, roasted turkey and eggs. This is pretty much 50% greens, 50% protean goodies. great order for those about to enjoy some drinks from local gay bars or going to Gay kickball right around the corner. To make it even more healthy, I had to add Ranch on the side. RANCH!A great salad for the price, so much food for such a little price. You can’t go wrong with this order. It’s not the world’s greatest salad, but for the price, location, and convenience, it’s really worth it.