Double Meat Burger @ In n Out Burger Burlingame CA

Double Meat Burger @ In n Out Burger Burlingame California

Unleash the inner burger out of you with our return to California for some meaty burger from In n Out Burger, a famous California burger chain. Oh, yea, this hits the greasy burger cravings with some thick burger patties. It is covered in that gooey melted cheese goodness. Yes, double the meat always means double the cheese! Nice and straightforward burger, with nothing fancy, but that is precisely what we were needed. Two beautiful and thick meat patties that perfectly satisfy any food-size queens like us. It doesn’t require a big mouth but still indulges that big thing in your mouth cravings. Especially when it’s late at night, of course, can’t have a burger without some fries — going all the In n Out style with some sautéed onions and sauce. Yes, all the sauce, because so far our dinner hasn’t been greasy enough! You have to stop by this old-school burger joint for some burger noming.

In n Out Burger Burlingame CA