Cinnamon Brioche Doughnut $2 @ Intelligentsia Coffee Los Angeles California

Desserts for Breakfast? That’s the right way to eat @ Intelligentsia Coffee Los Angeles California

Ham and Cheese Croissant $4

Get your day going with a classic Ham and Cheese Croissant breakfast sandwich from Intelligentsia Coffee Shop in the Los Angeles suburbs. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it set the tone for your whole day. For us, it’s one of our favorite meals, so having a somewhat disappointing dish can throw the day off. This croissant had a nice crunch on the outside and soft on the inside, but not enough to carry this dish. Even though it looks like there is a lot of ham and cheese in there, it left us wishing for more. It could have used more ham and cheese, or maybe croissant was just too thick and overpowered all the flavor. In parts, it was a bit overcooked and dry that required a drink with every bite. Glad they have good coffee to help with that. I ended up feeling like we overate bread in there. Not a bad dish, but it could have been better.

Feta Scallion Scone $4

Start your day quickly with some quick bread Feta Scallion Scone a breakfast cake from Intelligentsia Coffee shop in Lost Angeles suburbs. It’s a merger of Scottish and Greek cuisines by combining feta cheese with scones. This is a little cake of joy with a lovely feta and scallion flavor. A bit of a strange combination of characters for a scone, but it worked so well. One of the most favorite dishes forms this coffee shop. It was even drier than other bready pasties but still so enjoyable that it didn’t matter. There is always more iced coffee for us to wash it down with. I enjoyed it so much that we almost ordered more, but sadly with no surprise, they ran out very fast. You got to restock more quickly, and we want more scones! It was surprising that these scones are not served with some sweet jam or butter to add very needed moisture.

Cinnamon Brioche Doughnut $2

Unleash the guilty pleasure of your breakfast with Cinnamon Brioche Doughnut from this fun and unique Intelligentsia Coffee shop in the Los Angeles suburbs. Who said doughnuts don’t make a good breakfast? Beautiful and light cinnamon and sugar on top that defiantly made it not too sweet to pretend that we are not eating a dessert for breakfast. The brioche part supposes to have a very rich and tender crumb, but it tasted more dense and dry. Glad we had a sweet and refreshing iced coffee to help it down. Still, for such a low price, this was a good breakfast doughnut that we enjoyed.

Apple Tart

Get your morning on with breakfast, Apple Tart pastry from Intelligentsia Coffee shop in Lost Angeles suburbs. That was by far our most favorite breakfast pastry at this coffee shop. As soon as we saw this apple tart on display, we knew that we got to try this. One very beautifully looking dessert with a nice pattern on top with powder sugar. Beautiful and light crunchy hardshell with sweet apples on the inside. It was like eating a tiny, tiny apple pie. It showcases the apples and doesn’t taste too bready. Great dessert pastry to enjoy in the morning with a nice cup of their coffee.