Hot Pastrami w Bacon from Parkway Deli

Delicious Lunch & Dinner at Our Favorite Jewish Place @ Parkway Deli

Pastrami w Bacon

Best bacon is at Jewish deli when you have Host Pastrami Sandwich with Bacon from Parkway Deli, a Jewish restaurant in silver spring. One of the few dishes I’ve had several times from the place. It’s so good; I had to come back for more and more. This is the staple of the area. All locals know about it, love it, and go there all the time. It’s one of those places that are always busy. Good thing they have both sit down and carry out. The Ciabatta bread is hefty and overpowers all other flavors at most locations, but here it’s light and adds only a little bit of character. Plus, they make the best bacon in town! Ask to add bacon, sautéed onions, Swiss cheese to make it super nomnom, and ask them to toast it to make it extra crunchy. Great price too, for just $9, you get so much good food that you might have leftovers for tomorrow.

Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger $9

Get drunk with a burger like this Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger from our favorite Parkway Deli in Silver Spring, DC’s sprawling suburb. The bourbon sauce is just amazing!!! I asked for extras so I can take some home, hehe. I don’t usually come here for burgers, but it was trying new kind of a day. This burger came highly recommended by a great waitress, and she was right. It was one of the most nomnom burgers I’ve had in a while. Just so juicy and flavorful with lettuce, sautéed onions, grilled sourdough bread, bacon, bourbon sauce, and tomato. I can’t wait to try this again.

Deli Twin $9

Aww, twins so cute! So sad to eat! Or not. Not a bad order of two small sandwiches Hot Corned Beef & Pastrami. I just thought it would be more sandwich-wise. I won’t be getting this next time. Comes with pastrami, onion bread, potatoes fries, and hot corned beef.

Beef Stroganoff $12

Go strong with stroganoff with Beef Stroganoff from one of our favorite Jewish delis in Silver Spring, DC suburb. It’s a thick layer of beef with mushrooms and onions on top of very soft noodles. Not just a little bit of beefy goodness, that whole thing is covered with yummy sauce. I love the beef and sour cream sauce mixture. Comes with your choice of any sides from their extensive list. It’s a pretty hearty dish with a significant portion. It may appear small at first but will fill you up. I thought my stomach might explode. I don’t recommend doing what we did and eat the whole thing, but so worth it — a great representation of this famous Russian dish. / Facebook / Yelp
8317 Grubb Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910