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Cuteness, Resting B** Face, and Glory Hole. Best of #BorisSpeak 2018

Being bilingual and Boris often results in some funny quotes. #BorisSpeak is name my friends gave to the way I speak and write which is often very silly and weird. Nothing is made up and somehow ended up being said in real life. Most of the times you can find #borisspeak on twitter. However, every year continuing with the tradition I realease my favorite rndom quotes I said. Here are the Best of BorisSpeak 2018. Let me know your favorites with a like and follow for more funny things at @nomnomboris or #borisspeak to see all the quotes and check out Best Of BorisSpeak 2017 and 2016.

1. When you miss your favorite TV show

2. Finding excuse why eating more sweets is a must

3. When you work hard, but only one thing is on your mind

4. Sometimes I am too cute for you handle

5. I mean I am tall

6. What can I say, I love you

7. My boyfrined’s name is You (Yo)

8. Have I meantioned my cuteness?

9. After 19 years, spelling is not getting any better!

10. We are from Eastern Europe